About Meditation For Creatives

My experience of the thing

Zen attitude for creativity

To “meditate” is defined in the dictionary as: “to think deeply and seriously about something” - but to gain what exactly? As for me, in the beginning, I wanted release from stress; and with all the books that I already had - about the power of Meditation and all the rest, combined with my knowledge of what’s esoteric, I finally decided to try those techniques that would liberate the ideas imprisoned deep into my subconscious. Thus, there are many reasons that trigger a person to make the decision of starting meditation - peace of mind, increase focus, happiness, amongst other reasons; but also to draw forth these unlimited supply of ideas that’s buried deep inside one’s own consciousness (yes, it’s possible, but not without danger).

I acquired most of my knowledge of the know-how to meditate through reading various books on the subject matter, including self-help books, where I experienced the benefit gained from the various techniques to meditate, through practicing. But, it was only after going through loads of difficulties and issues, that I have been able to experience it; which sadly many writers don’t guard against in their books.

I don’t think that a person should go deep into those techniques without proper guidance, following, and surrounding by legit and approved masters of these exercises of liberation, especially, if the person had/has a tumultuous life, traumas, or any other psychological issues. Now, if ever you want to go into this inner adventure all alone, then, I do hope that you buy a punching ball, or any other intended object meant to help you release the steam of your internal pressure cooker; and also that you have a good psychoanalyst/psychotherapist at hand (not a psychiatric though, please) - one who has knowledge, or studied the behaviors of the users of various techniques used to meditate; or better, that you live alone, or at least warn your surroundings that at any moment you might transform into hulk (now, your experience might be otherwise) .

There are many techniques that are being taught by the various spiritual and scientific institutions that exist, mainly, meditative prayers, transcendental meditation, mind stillness, self-inquiry, mindfulness, yoga, worshipping, trance, dance, chants, mantra repetitions, focusing, contemplation, formulating, binaural beats (learn the effects of exposing yourself to these frequencies though), and so many other techniques, which you can choose and pick now from the internet, but not going through it without the knowledge of the consequences which arise from starting to meditate on your own without a guide, for it is only a small portion of the whole knowledge needed to acquire meditative state that is given online. So, enter, or expose yourself (frequencies) at your own risk.

If during your first encounter with these techniques you feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable in your head and body - know that if you continue to gently practice, you will eventually experience it; but not after having dug within the layers within. And make sure that you understand, that once you have initiated the meditative program, well, there is no going back to your former self - whether you continue on your way to progress; or stop, and your state of mind worsen (that’s from relatives and friends that have quit mediation because they couldn’t bear the weight of overwhelming feelings. Have to say that they had issues). So, think twice, or even 10,000 times, before getting into deep meditation, because once you are into it, there is no stepping back.

As for me, I prefer to excercise both the techniques of contemplation, that is, to focus my attention on an object (in motion or not), and this, without having any thoughts, and in the end, it’s a beautiful feeling that takes on my body and mind; and, the exercise of stilling my mind. I don’t know the mechanism behind, but I can assure you that they are beneficial to my mind to get the necessary ideas to write about.

But I’ve also tried transcendental meditation😁😂 where of course I learned this technique from YouTube, where the guy firmly stipulated to not try this technique, but anyway explained how to do it - and damn, and by all the planets above, and ##@@#&&!!?## I went through loads of shit - it works, but, never ever never do that all alone🤣 (I don’t even know why I have put lol emoticons, because it is not at all a lol thing). Just be guided, for not everyone is a force of nature.

And how it went for you? Was it a cool experience, or a crazed one?

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