A cry For Freedom

A cry For Freedom

Today is the commemoration of the 185th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Mauritius; and nothing is better than a poem to celebrate freedom.

A Cry For Freedom

Amongst the trees they ran
Thirsty for freedom, the liberation
Better to die rather than
To live like an animal in ruination,
Their chains rattle against the ground
While their heart tremble with the fear
That they might be found by the hounds,
So they ran for their lives like a deer
Searching for that place they once dreamt,
There where their cry for freedom
Would finally come to the end of a theme
And there where their merry heart filled with rum
Will be forever unchained from slavery

They'll never again remember where their home is,
It's lost under a pile of tragedies;
Where they used to gather to sing and dance
It's lost within heartaches and abomination
All these memories forgotten with whips
And where everywhere is a forest that kills - 
A heartfelt feeling of an ablation

It's so far now, that cry for freedom
Still, a historical past to ponder on. 

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