The importance of creative leisures in my life

Look how imperfectly beautiful my handmade crafts are 😅

To me, creative leisures are an important part within my writing process, for it helps me to remain anchored into that creative state of mind, which expands my self-confidence as a writer/blogger. 

Crafting, writing poetry or single lines, taking pictures, making graphics and vids, are all essential things for me to be doing in order to bloom further as a complementary to-be crafter/maker. All of these acts help me to impregnate my own self of this dimension of creation; calling to my instinctive primary thoughts and ideas from where sprouts out the necessary imagination for me to be writing fiction, or even to be making the necessary graphics and pictures for my blog or social accounts.
I believe that creativity calls upon creativity, where it’s an endless circle filled of links pointing to methods and random images from where one can extract the necessary flux of ideas needed for the intended expression.
Within these moments of creative channelling, I can relax myself-deep to dive freely into an ocean of constellation of remembrance and let whatever wants to come alive take over my mind; and as reward, my brain is entranced with the joy of seeing the idea become concrete (of course, don’t panic; it’s filled of metaphors here…).
During my creative moments I feel totally free, I am me — unapologetically, where I know that I can let go of my thoughts beaming into every way, and this, without any judging eyes eyeing at me. Within these moments of evasion I only care of shaping whatever I want to shape, while happily watching my own concept of aesthetic take form.
There would have been no blog-post today, simply because, I had been so low on energy during these past days–with my mind wandering into every way, that I was unable to find the inspiration needed to put myself into a creative state of mind. But making some handicrafts linked to a Japanese art concept named ‘wabi-sabi’, which is an art-theme based on imperfectionhelped me to get the necessary inspiration as to write this particular post.
Crafting these little handicrafts sparkled again my confidence about what I am currently doing, which my guess here, is about what I had been suffering for these past few days. More importantly, I’ve understood something crucial, which is, that it is only during retreats within these moments of creation, that the push towards making more of what pleases my own eyes enliven my sense of  expressiveness.
*And as for you, what creative leisure brings you that sense of self-confidence? As always, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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