– Embracing The Web Creative Culture –

It’s the digital revolution

The web has surely shaped the ways that people think, search, do business, create and make, entertain and express themselves, work, get employed, and as well as connecting with the world. It is a domain that is continuously evolving, and whose full power has not yet been unleashed. I do think that the web is a more expansive area than that of the telephone, radio and television, transports, and as important as electricity itself. If done well — with all the potential it has — that thing can surely become a titan awakened.
Thus, the online world is also a good place to go find that inspiration needed to put yourself into a creative state of mind. Whether you are into auditive, or either more into visual, we all are bound to find the aesthetic that stirs mind-creativity.
I don’t know, perhaps because my mechanic of thought works on an unconventional level, that is why I prefer to look at the positive side of the web, all the while trying to not focus on its negative aspects — which much more concern the acts of wicked and thoughtless human beings over anything else.
I persist in my views of seeing the web-space as the dreamland of tomorrow, a space within which, one is free to access and choose amongst all kinds of materials and tools designed to shape the elements of their dreams. Perhaps if these software developers had not designed these materials and tools, which is of great assistance to my writings, online exposition, graphics, inspirational flows, and I do hope, to my future lil’biz, I wouldn’t have that much flaunt the creative side of the web — where those that want to use it as a weapon of destruction and upheaval of anger now seem to belong to the chaotic dimension of the internet. As for me, I prefer to stick with minds that have at heart a better design for the web creative culture.
So, lets see the arguments that makes me envision the web as a digital creative sphere.

Music & rhythms are everywhere online
From my point of view, one of the greatest attributes of the online world is surely the possibility of finding and choosing from a vast variety of music, which, from an individualistic point of view, might trigger the necessary emotion from where surges the needed inspiration to get into the creative flow. There are even apps and software that permits you to make your own songs… isn’t that fantastic! Now everyone can easily make a demo and upload it online… just remember to assert your rights on your creation so that others don’t take the credit for your work, also make sure that the software or app that you are using is not selling the data of your creation to others… I guess that the biggest downside of the web-space is about the fact that you don’t know what kind of being works in the shadows… nor the employer either.
As for me, I’ve created a playlist on YouTube, worthy of listening to, in times where I can’t seem to will myself into a creative state of mind, and where listening to these genres of music, gives me the necessary vibes that instantly boost my creative intellect.
Blasts of visuals
Furthermore, with all these photo-sharing sites filled of endless aesthetic galleries of visual elements, as well as image search served in search engines, we are more than ever exposed to become the creatives of tomorrow; where arts are everywhere online and one needs only to hold on to the kind of art that triggers the slightest kind of emotion in them; coming back regularly to these feel-good-visuals.
Tools to create, within reachOf course, this one is the most obvious tip that the web is moving/already supporting the web creative culture. From Windows 10 creators update to Google Drive & photos, or even all of these other apps and softwares designing the right platforms for users to easily write codes, make graphics or stuff to share or even to sell, are more than ever shaping the digital space.

And what about your thoughts on that subject matter. Do you think that in a near future people will much more turn towards a creative lifestyle? Are the trends changing yet? 

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