The smell of fresh pines

The smell of fresh pines

The smell of fresh pines
Tickle my olfactory memory;
Instantly everything shines
Everything comes back to me

My heart travels back to infancy
And recollect all the joy, the laughter,
All the colors of that day I see –
And watch happily as it remembers

Oh that scent of fresh pines
It is a time travel machine
That takes me and my mind
In a beautiful Christmas dream

Those magical moments return
And I forget about the pandemics
And of everything else that hurts
Of everything that adds to the ache mix

Then unfolds in front of my eyes
The gifts, the warmth of love
A festive ambiance of big size
Happiness, when I open our treasure trove

So let the magical spirit of December
Float inside of our tired heart
And might the pines make us remember
The Christmas of our childish heart.

For the two Christmas poems I wrote in 2018, and 2019, I was inspired by the contagious festive mood of the buzzing month of December; moved by the spirit of Christmas and New Year. But this time, it was a little bit difficult for me to come up with something positive, with something that might alleviate our stress concerning the state of the world, the brokenness of things, our uneasy feelings, covid-19, unemployments, and all of the fake news, and infos hidden to us, and everything else… and of everything else. Thus I thought about what mainly automatically triggers my remembrance of those good’ol days, and it was the smell of fresh pines.

So, merry Christmas to all of you. I hope that we all might enjoy this little moment of respite.


Merry Merry Christmas

Merry Merry Christmas
 Merry Merry Christmas
 May joy shine like fine glass
 Inside of your festive hearts
 Filled, of ice cream dreams
 Merry Merry Christmas
 May you live the magic
 And let yourself be carried away
 By the loud amusing joy ride
 Merry Merry Christmas
 May the loving floating ambiance
 Regenerates your all whole
 As you remember your childish heart
 Merry Merry Christmas
 May all the x-mas poems songs and stories
 Find a way to your tired heart
 Touched, you're healed on the moment
 Merry Merry Christmas
 May all of your lonesome blues
 Shifts merrily to the sweet sound of Christmas
 While your gift - the contagious festive mood
 Merry Merry Christmas
 I write with joy, I write with hope
 Where all this festivity hue blind my eyes
 While I fly under the same sky as the child.

When the contagious festive mood inspires

Here's how my children decorated this year's Christmas tree
That’s how my children decorated this year’s Christmas tree

I was not at all in the mood to celebrate; either did I ever planned to write a poem for Christmas day. But when today (it’s the 24th) I went with my children and husband to the shopping mall, something in the aura of this day inspired me to write this poem, which I’ll post tomorrow.

So, merry Christmas to all of you, and may the magic wand of Christmas gifts you happiness and inspiration, and might your heart revel inside of your childish memories.


A Christmas Verse

A Christmas Verse

The night starts to bloom  
  Out from the somber
    And  animates the celebration
     Of Christmas
 All spotlights flashes
   Hues of December festivity

It is the night before Christmas
  And the Choir sings 
    Chorus that warmth hearts
While shop toys are filled 
 With gathering crowds
   And pavements clustered
    Of happy hearts and minds

Everybody's busy with the day
 While childish hearts 
  Dream eyes wide open 
   Of the bearded Santa Claus
Saying Ho!Ho!Ho! 
 In his sleigh 
  replenished of gifts
   Pulled by majestic reindeers

25th December -
  The scent of pines 
    And frou-frou ornaments
     Under -
      Gifts left by some kind of ghost.  

The other day I went to a glass-painting workshop at the Mauritius glass gallery, where I have chosen this geometrical  paperweight to  paint a reindeer and a Christmas tree on it. Also, luckily for us the cyclone is gone, else it would have ruined the festivities.