The smell of fresh pines

The smell of fresh pines The smell of fresh pinesTickle my olfactory memory;Instantly everything shinesEverything comes back to me My heart travels back to infancyAnd recollect all the joy, the laughter,All the colors of that day I see –And watch happily as it remembers Oh that scent of fresh pinesIt is a time travel machineThatContinue reading “The smell of fresh pines”

Merry Merry Christmas

Merry Merry Christmas Merry Merry Christmas May joy shine like fine glass Inside of your festive hearts Filled, of ice cream dreams   Merry Merry Christmas May you live the magic And let yourself be carried away By the loud amusing joy ride   Merry Merry Christmas May the loving floating ambiance Regenerates your allContinue reading “Merry Merry Christmas”

A Christmas Verse

A Christmas Verse The night starts to bloom     Out from the somber     And  animates the celebration      Of Christmas All spotlights flashes  Green-red-black-white    Hues of December festivity It is the night before Christmas   And the Choir sings      Chorus that warmth hearts While shop toys are filled   With gatheringContinue reading “A Christmas Verse”