The smell of fresh pines

The smell of fresh pines
Tickle my olfactory memory,
Instantly everything shines
Everything comes back to me

My heart travels back to infancy
And I recollect the colours and laughter
The images of everyone being happy —
I’m so appeased, as I remember

Oh that scent of fresh pines
It is a time travel machine
That carries my body and my mind
Inside of a beautiful Christmas dream

Those magical moments return
And I forget about the pandemic
And of everything else that hurts
Of everything that adds to the ache

Then unfolds in front of my eyes
The gifts, the warmth of love
Happiness, the festive ambiance —
Such a wonderful treasure trove

So let the magical spirit of December
Float inside of our tired heart
And might the pines make us remember
The Christmas of our childish heart.