Of Belonging

“I wanted to embody the emotions I feel about ‘abandonment’, the word that I’ve chosen so as to write this poem.” Of Belonging Abandonment, what a sad wordFor the living and this world Everyday something is tossed away Without chance of returning someday Winds blow and rivers streamWhile every creature dreams Of belonging, of beingContinue reading “Of Belonging”


Today I thought of flowers bloomingWildly, beautifully, in the fertile soilTheir strong roots fiercely stretchingTill that secret place, that wild garden And while musing, I became a flowerThat had for mother, earth, natureAnd for father, the sky, the universeI was cherished, loved, cared forOr should I say :I am healthy, I am becomingI am loved,Continue reading “Heal”

Everything that I might be

Though able-bodied, I feel this incapacityThe incapacity to shake myself upRight from the start, when the sun risesFor I wake up to forget, everything that I might be I then search within my mindThis wondrous mind of mineForking deeply, digging, searchingFor that missing piece hidden deep,That one clue that I need to find I wantContinue reading “Everything that I might be”

Am coming back to you on a wing of storm

A sky teared, opened A form, levitated, hovered My body trembled, raptured Everything around, fell down, so sad I tried, likewise, to reach But my mind, ran away, to a beach But still, our link, unbroken Our eye, remote, and hidden I realized, my only pleasure, taken You were lost, then thought, forsaken Oh! MyContinue reading “Am coming back to you on a wing of storm”

– Metaphors For My Imagination –

I close my eyes and the night veil behind my eyes seems cold and lone, so I shut them a little bit more, letting my eyelids stretch out their skin. And right there, behind this curtainless path, phosphenes starts to dance, dotting the night, drawing the forms.   Clause Cott pushed the man beside her,Continue reading “– Metaphors For My Imagination –”