Write, read, drink fruit & herbal black tea, contemplate flowers… heal.

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Today I thought of flowers blooming
Wildly, beautifully, in the fertile soil,
Their strong roots fiercely stretching
Till that secret place, that wild garden,
And while musing, I became a flower
That had for mother, Earth, nature
And for father, the sky, the universe
I was cherished, loved, protected.
The evil that gnaws me, that eats my body
That hungry faceless thing, my torturer
It then suddenly disappears, it vanishes
It cowers away in the dark, in the shadow
As I peacefully give my pain to the wind
To the sea, to that protector which whispers
I just gave it away, as I’ve been told to do —
I am healthy, I am becoming, I am loved.
I then hope, from the bottom of my heart,
That from my distress beauty shall emerge
Worthiness, love, all of these wonderful feelings
And that a more knowledgeable me shall rise
From the depth of that obscurity, this emptiness
As I fill this void with love and light and sagacity 
Healing, within and without, inside the colours
Of all these beautiful blooming flowers.

“Write, read, drink fruit & herbal black tea, contemplate flowers… heal.”

Busy with editing my books, my mind became a dried up lake, thus, I then decided that there would be no post today, and that instead I would be sharing on my social feeds last year’s poem Mindscape, that I wrote for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (#Pink October); but while writing some lines in the carnet meant to appear in the picture setting for this Pink October’s photo, inspiration suddenly struck, and I was able to write this little poem.

I know that with the coronavirus and all the rest our life is very hard right now… but we need positive vibes more than ever before… and I hope that I am doing my part here.

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