I hope you find in poetry
A lighthouse hovering upon a tree
Some bucket full of fireflies
Flying all across many skies
Of all colours and of all styles

May you imagine as you write
Knocking down all the sylphides of fright
Brandishing courageously your sword
Annihilating only through words
Finding inside you the river of worth

May your mind escape far away
Inside of a speedy winged car
As you read an adventurous fiction
Filled with superfluous actions
And of everything else that your heart never bred

It’s dark everywhere, I know
And my mind feeds on a black crow
But there’s a ray of hope that shines so bright
That it floodlit all of these dark spaces
Revealing poems, books, and stories

Half of the world may-might be gone
But I, I still continue my escape
Freeing myself further and farther
Freeing myself further and farther.


It’s Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Month — and why wouldn’t you be reading? Why wouldn’t you be writing? Why wouldn’t you be blogging? Why wouldn’t you be journaling in a private diary? Why wouldn’t you scribble down on a piece of paper everything that hurts, everything about what gnaws your body, to then throw it away in the fire, to rip it into pieces, or even, to eat it and spit it out. You can be everything you want, and seek out to everyone through writing; you can talk to yourself through writing therapies, which consist of relieving tension and emotion, establish self-control, and understand your situation clearly and in depth. You don’t need to be a skilled writer to freely express yourself, to relieve your heart of that heavy burden you carry. All you need to do is heal yourself through writing therapy.