A World Of Alienation

All earthlings are mad… 🤣
I live alone –
in a world filled of mysteries 
Of wonders 
And of alienation

In a space where my imagination 

Spurs factitious and fictitious realms
That inhibits the fallacious minds 
That drones into the other spaces 

Like shenanigans 

Like the doers
And the sarbacane – 
That shoots poison 
Into the life 
Of a character of mine
And where my imaginarium – 
solely fly – to abide.  

By Eiravel

I live somewhere in the South West of the Island of Mauritius. I am a mother, a spouse, a great life enthusiast. I love writing fiction, poems, and blog; I love listening to music, watch movies, read good books; also, love the sublime and the strange; and I am also interested in all types and forms of art that pleases my mind. I've even self-published a science-fiction book (Darcocyte), and I aspire to make a living through my writings.

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