The word that sounds best to my ears

It’s a resonance to my ears, to my mind

If I told you that the word ooze tickles the fancy of my mind, where this one word is a lullaby to my ears, it ooze and leaks its way throughout the realm of my imagination, it makes my internal chords sensible to a hum-like call, it oozes through; it oozes true; it oozes /oo/.

Diffuse, infuse, lose, muse, cruise, refuse, use, bluz, and all the other sound endings with /uz/, alongside syllable with the sound /ou/, seem to resonate sweetly to my ears. Hence, the combination of the sound /uz/ and /oo/ in the letter string of a word are very pleasurable for me to hear, thus my likeness of the word ooze.

Have to say that I discovered this word late, for I was much more accustomed to the word ‘leak’, and when I came across this word for the first time in a health talk show, the resonance of it instantly fired up my neurons (yes, that’s how it feels for lovers of words). I don’t think that I’ve ever used ooze in any of my writings, simply because I prefer to hear it as it wonderfully flows as an aesthetic resonance till my mind.

And what about you? Are your ears sensible to the sound of words? Which are they?

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