The word that sounds best to my ears

If I told you that the word ooze tickles my fancy, where this one word sounds like a lullaby to my ears, it oozes and leaks its way throughout the realm of my imagination, it makes my internal chords sensible to a hum-like call, it oozes through, it oozes true, it oozes /oo/.

Diffuse, infuse, lose, muse, cruise, refuse, use, blues, and all the other sound endings with /uz/, alongside syllables with the sound /ou/, seem to resonate sweetly to my ears.

I don’t have to close my eyes to envision water oozing out from a tap, for the word ooze is already a watery sound that flows slowly towards my ears to diffuse in my mind.

My muse’s body shakes like a quivering flower each time the word ooze infuse to dilute with my thoughts, where one big wave surges from that creative ocean, birthing rhymes and ideas that flood my mind, my imagination, instantly inspiring me.

The combination of the syllables /uz/ and /oo/ makes one word that sounds like an alien language to my ears ― I surely can create a fictional language by only using these two syllables to create new words, thus my likeness of the word ooze.

I discovered this word late, for I was much more accustomed to the word ‘leak’; and when I heard the word ooze spoken for the first time in a talk show about health, the resonance of it instantly fired up my neurones ― yes, that’s how it feels to love words.

And, my muse’s blues ooze until my heart; moved, I take my pen and let my thoughts infuse, so as for them to diffuse and ooze til her heart.

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