Peace, Please

“A Poem I Wrote For World Peace Day”

Peace, Please
So that our scars may close
Like the bud of a rose, and that 
Our bruises may have the time to compose
Lamenting poems and sad prose
Peace, Please
So that our children may freely roam
Across their lands with assurance and safety
Under the benevolent eyes of what's earthly
Extending their lives, and die naturally
Peace, Please
So that we can all live in harmony
And forget past lives fueled with fatality
As we see a future build on fraternity
While finding our own joyful remedy
Peace, Please
So that blood ceases to flood the soil
So that our earth stops to cry upon
All of these innocent lives we’ve lost
In these battles that were never ours
Peace, Please
So that our hearts can finally heal
And see existence as it ought to be seen
As through our own healing
Sustainable peace can finally be achieved.

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