Fate is bound to determinism; freewill doesn’t exist when we believe in fate, when we let effects gently touch us, when we prefer to let something or someone else decide for us, simply because it’s more simple to live like that, that is to walk on roads that have already been built. Not everyone has the time and patience to challenge their fate, but as I had the time, and enough guts to do it, I tried. And though how daunting, alienating, and hard it is, I love very much walking on this road, where it is writing and fate versus writing and freewill.

The moiras — the three goddesses of fate

I am not a simple person —
I rest my mind in other dimensions
Housed by some kind of alienated specimen
That talks to me as I sleep
And that disperse as soon as the light shows its face
I swim into some seas
That look like seaweeds and algae
Of some sort of sandy paste
That sticks into hairs and skin,
I play around on my paddling wheelbarrow boat
Spun like a thread in the hands of the Moiras
And my soldier of fate installs bitter thoughts
Into my heart, as if a reminder
Of my cruel designation as a mortal
Which imprisons gazillions of old atoms
Which travel in their own space universe
Aware of the tricks they play
Of the trouble they cause for a cause
And of the fear they instill inside hearts and soul
As they childishly play with that skin I despise,
And as soon as when the light comes shining 
On that part of my earth, I wave them goodbye
Where I go back right at the beginning
And we become mortals again, until then.

Published by Eiravel

Hello everyone, and welcome to my personal blog. This is a self-taught adventure in creative writing, craft that I am passionate about; learning writing and all the stuff that concerns this industry while surfing on the waves of the internet, and I aspire to make a living through selling my own books and blogging, because why not. I live on the island of Mauritius with my husband, my two children, and my muse. I am an eclectic person, love the sublime and the strange; I am also interested in all types and forms of art that please my mind.

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