colourful sky over the ocean

Sentimental Epiphanies

Making memories from which we can extract beautiful stories, get inspired, but also to remember goodness and positivity in times when our moral is at its lowest. A picture, a season bathed in light, the sea, and our olfactory is set in motion.

Sentimental Epiphanies 

Strange and odd and eerie
Just like a season 
I once knew, oh so well
There where sentiments 
Seemed sentient and true
And the hours eternal, aeternus

And as I lounged the shore
Heavy hearten with epiphanies 
Of the wonderful, over waters
Right under a sky not so blue
While walking on granules 
I waved to a wishing well
Eyes instilled of death 
And of immense life too

And sentimental epiphanies 
Stir the remembrance of thy shape
And I remembered that season 
I once knew, oh so well.


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