Come run with me under a sepian sky 
There where things belong to eternity
Thriving to make sense of existence 
In a world of alienation
So as to exist as a plurality

Plunge with me inside noetic waves 
That take place in a clear space
Swim with me within fractals of light 
That subliminally crash into one another
So as to thrill your spark

And at the dawn of our species 
Let us rise together higher 
Than that what defines us here

"The clock stopped on horrific issues 
Bounded like soporific smokes 
Through argented twinkled stars"

I made my way through clusters of mind 
Searching for the intelligence that leads me
I looked into them, they looked into me 
And there I've seen my own mind 
Inside fractals of light. 


What’s eternal? What’s eternity? How can eternal be defined? Can this word even be properly defined? Existence is a fractal structure, fractals of light that seem to be pulsating and waving in psychedelic ways, like a contortionist does. Eternity is the ouroboros, the infinity symbol ♾, eternity is a word, a word that itself will last forever.