“I dearly love my native land, and always will. The awareness created around climate change and nature pollution is very alarming, thus my take in this poem.”

Beloved Mauri

My island lives over the sea 
Can you see it floating over the ocean mist?

My island roots beneath a deep lagoon
Can you see its veins streaking against the blue?

The tropical summer heats our feelings
But have you tasted the warmth of our winter?

At night our crickets sing symphonies
But have you heard our morning songbirds?

I stay there, watching the sea
Pensive, emotional, feeling free
While the world around me
Blooms out beauties without compare

But NO! Stop! I had a vision...
That our world was dying
And through it all
I had to shut my eyes 
To its decaying

The ocean dance in reflection
Hiding underneath an infection,
The lagoon is filled of toxic seaweed
Where coral reefs stopped to breed

In my heart floats
Trillions of memories
Where I'll remember
Our intermingled blood
Our oceanic blue sky
That yellow tropical sun
And the green fields
I'll take within me
The imagery of the most beautiful
Island curve that stamps this world

And in my new dreams
I'll cover the dunes
With the emerald sea
Of my beloved Mauri
To forever live in terrariums
Made out from the foams 
Of the tidal waves which 
Gently Kiss the shorelines 
Of our beautiful island.

Bright white ball of sun in partly cloudy sky, ocean extending till horizon, piece of green land
Ocean view from Maconde viewpoint