– My Little Bookcase –

It house only those writings dear to my heart

Who is calling? Isn’t it a character sitting inside your bookcase
My bookcase isn’t large nor prettily styled, but it stand
in length–watching an ill-lighted corridor. My bookcase has no large panoplies of books sitting fancily on its 5 wooden shelves, but books, you know, I’ve read a lot – those that naturally found me at the détour of a school or municipal library, or even those give-away gems (mostly) into which I found my favourite story to escape within; same as these other books that enlightened some of my profound universal questions.
Little anecdote: I realised that my husband was the one when he gave me a ‘secret adventure book’, which is a collection of french ésotérique books.
From time to time, I bought  books which seem to give answers to my hunger for obscure knowledge, while others–like some dark powers at work–were books with prose that sickenened too much my mind; and till now, I can’t seem to understand how much unpresent my mind could have been when I bought these books. But I keep them as a reminder, that if they have been able to get published through those big publication houses, then, I might as well take my chance and give it a try to find a descent publisher… my guess here is, who dares win.
Then, there are those books that followed me from my teens till now, amongst — a collection of ‘Christopher Pike’ which I cherish since my teens, the clan of the cave bear  by Jean M. Auel (note that it was a give-away; one of my favourite book of all time; the first novel I’ve read in my teen days), De Toute Son Âme by René Bazin (that too was a give-away and remains my favourite amongst french literature), the beautiful Jane Eyre, the fantastical dreamy mind of Shakespeare, the futuristic visions of H.G. Wells, the thrilling suspense of Misery by Stephen King, and all of these, superbly aligned within books of quotes, poésies, and of self-help (where most of these were also give-aways).
Little anecdote: I was 13 or 14 when I read my first Christopher Pike, and it was love at first read. Thing is, I got this book through a friend, who herself got it from another friend. What I am going to divulge here, is not something that I am pretty proud of, and where it is the only kind of theft I committed through my whole life (yep, I stole a Christopher Pike’s book). Though how bad and lowly this action was, I didn’t want to return the book–too tempted to keep it for me. I ended up telling my friend that my little sister had torn entirely the book and apologised for this terrible accident. And that is how I had my first Pike’s book–thing which I still have with me. If ever you recognise me through this blog-post, I am sorry for that, I was a youngster filled of foolishness and obsession… but you know what – I didn’t slept for days, and felt guilty for saying such a big lie… and I even made nightmares about it 😟
There is also a shelf dedicated to short stories and fairy-tales for children. I remember when I really first fell in love with fairy-tales, where these were written into a folio book with colourful drawings of mermaids, witches, fishermen, and all the rest… but these had no happy endings, contrary to the princess and the pea, diamonds and toads (which I read in french), little one-eye, little two-eyes, and little three-eyes, Cinderella, and all the rest. I am certain that all of these  fairy-tales and fables have forged the views I have on the world, turning me into a more pensive person.
*I guess that I should  extend this paragraph into a blog-post.
The third shelf is dedicated to magazines of all kinds: lifestyle, fashion,

Two shelves out of Five

culture, health, nature. And now that I blog, these magazines are more inspirational than ever to me.

I wish that there was a crown over the top of my wooden bookcase, but you know, sometimes space and lack of time turns a thing meant for a special purpose into some kind of neglected all-purpose space. I also wish that it would stand into a room filled of enchanting visuals with a window regarding on an area filled of flowers, beside a lengthy marine-blue velvet sofa into which I would have been able to relax and evade into a good story, but what to say, instead, on top of the bookshelf, there is a small clock and shoe boxes filled of DVD’s. And as for the murals surrounding it, they are filled with my children’s scribbling and scrawling and other childish stickers.
Though how much I love looking at all of those fancy-bookcases-filled-with-books-of-all-sorts on Pinterest, I don’t think that I would personally have one of these large and scenic bookcases and bookshelves into my house, simply because I hate dust, and all of these little creatures that live inside the leaflets of books. Instead, with the advent of eBooks, I prefer adopt the digital lifestyle, which I think is best for this environmental-saving-era.
But surely one day I will put my bookcase into a beautiful area of my house, knowingly that it contains bits of my past and some dimensional-space-thought of individuals filled of artistry.
And as for you dear reader, of what is made your bookcase or bookshelf? As always, don’t hesitate to comment down below, whichever year this blog might have reached you.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my personal blog. This is a self-taught adventure in creative writing, craft that I am passionate about; learning writing and all the stuff that concerns this industry while surfing on the waves of the internet, and I aspire to make a living through selling my own books and blogging, because why not. I live on the island of Mauritius with my husband, my two children, and my muse. I am an eclectic person, love the sublime and the strange; I am also interested in all types and forms of art that please my mind.

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