- My Little Bookcase -

“It is the house of different reading miscellanies that are dear to my heart.”

A bookshelf tastes of the reader’s taste.


My bookcase isn’t large, nor prettily styled, but it stand lengthily in a room, watching an ill-lighted corridor. My bookcase has no large panoplies of books sitting fancily on its five wooden shelves, instead, a plethora of books that I’ve read fly in my mind, and live in my imagination — those that naturally found me at the détour of a school or municipal library.

Little anecdote: I realised that my husband was my soulmate when he gave me a ‘secret adventure book’, which is a collection of esoteric books written in French.

Book miscellanies that are dear to my heart

Then, there are those books that I have preciously kept with me since my teenage years, amongst which: The clan of the cave bear by Jean M. Auel, which until now remains my favourite book of alllll time… it’s a historical fictional novel that spurred my interest to read more novels… I even named one of the character of my book Darcocyte after ‘the mogur’ that guides the clan. De Toute Son Âme by René Bazin, a wonderful French book published in 1897, where I was completely fascinated by the story of the heroine… it’s her becoming, the path that led to her calling as a nun, a beautiful tale; then there’s Jane Eyre, a classic among the classic, filled with romance and difficult trials, but also a pint of mystery enshrouds the story with the appearance of Mr.Rochester’s mad wife. Then, forever and always the dreamy mind of the great Shakespeare; the futuristic visions of H.G. Wells; the thrilling suspense of Misery by Stephen King, and at last, fourteen books written by ‘Christopher Pike’, where I read alllll of his books… found strangeness, beauty, and answers to some of the questions I had at that time.

Pike’s books. I still remember the little wooden old shop where I went to buy them.

Little anecdote: I was about 13 or 14 when I read my first Christopher Pike, and it was love at first read. Thing is, I got this book through a friend, who herself got it from another friend. What I’m going to divulge here is not something that I’m proud of, and where it is the only kind of theft I committed through my whole life (yep, I stole a Christopher Pike’s book). Though how bad and lowly this action was, I didn’t want to return the book — too tempted to keep it for myself. I ended telling my friend that my little sister had torn the book, and apologised. And that is how I had my first Pike’s book, thing which I still have with me. If ever you recognise me through this blog-post, I am sorry for that, I was a youngster filled with foolishness and obsession. But you know what? I didn’t sleep for days, and felt guilty for saying such a big lie, I even made nightmares about it 😟.

The second shelf is also dedicated to books of sayings, poetry, self-help, and those books that quench my thirst of obscure knowledge.

Who is calling? Isn’t it a character that sits inside of your bookcase.


There’s also one shelf dedicated to short stories for children, and fairy-tales. Little anecdote: I first fell in love with fairy-tales when my grandma gave me a folio book that looked like it was shipped straight from fairy land, for it was colourfully illustrated with mermaids, witches, fishermen, and all the rest; I was so proud of that book back then that I brought it to school so as to show it to my friends. I am sure that all of these fairy-tales and fables have forged my personal views on life.

Two shelves out of five

The third shelf is dedicated to magazines of all kinds — lifestyle, fashion, culture, health, nature. And now that I blog, these magazines are wells of ideas to me.

Bookshelf — a boulevard made of book lanterns.


I wish that there was a crown over the top of my wooden bookcase, but you know, sometimes space and lack of time turns a thing meant for a special purpose into some kind of neglected all-purpose space. I also wish that it would stand in a room that’s filled with enchanting things, with a window that gives view to a colourful botanic garden, while I relax and evade inside of a story on a lengthy marine-blue velvet sofa; but what to say, instead, on top of the bookshelf there’s a small clock and shoe boxes filled with DVD’s. And as for the murals surrounding it, well, they are filled with my children’s scribbling and scrawling and other childish stickers😔😅.

Bookcases filled of phrases; bookshelves filled with Elves.


If ever one day I make it in the writing or blogging sphere, I intend to buy a bigger bookcase with a glass door, so as to be able to keep more books that I love, and as well exhibit all of these books that I’ve carried with me for such a long time, and also, take photos to share here, and on my social-media feeds, so that perhaps, more people might be seduced by the idea of also having a bookcase, which they’ll joyfully fill with word-ly memories.

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