I’ve Been On Cloud Nine

I’ve been flying on cloud nine, woolgathering all of the ideas that will make up my upcoming themed-dream poetry book ― I wandered inside this dreamsical world filled of wonders.

I’ve been on cloud nine, there where dreams fly, and there where life’s eye is full of everlasting shine.

I’ve been meeting with all the creatures that run wildly within my dreams during this getaway; all of these figments that dwell in my imagination swam up to reach the shoreline of my mind; and during these last days that I’ve been away I was able to mind-gather one hundred poems for the book.

I’ve enjoyed each single hour spent within my inner realm; I’ve learned so many things about myself and the world through writing these poems ― I’ve unlocked the secrets of my deepest fantasies.

My mind was hooked by the surreal nature of dreamscapes; I preferred to not retouch the rough state of my inner world, I wanted them to keep their surreal style; and that’s how I came up with the theme of dream for these poems.

Now that I know what empowers my creativity and writing productivity, I’ve decided that when I have to write I’ll sneak away inside of my creative den, so as to be able to focus all of my energy and attention on whatever I need to produce.

The realm of dreams is a strange place that lives in the mind, it’s a chasm that contains all of these confusing, grotesque, warped, blurry, fragmented, nonsensical, distorted, and chaotic unknown things, that only await elucidation and fabrication. 

The dream space is filled of unlimited possibilities, it’s a gargantuan ocean that contains the impossible, which in turn can be morphed into countless, limitless possibilities. That’s why I heartedly chose the dream theme.

As title for the book I had chosen ‘I-organelle Dreamscape’, and then I recently changed to ‘Dreamism’, but I also thought that ‘Houses of Dreams’ will also make a great title. I’m still hesitating.

But you know what folks! What if you help me choose the right title for the book, or else, if you have a title of your own that you want to submit for this book, and that it pleases me, I’ll make sure to have your name, or any other name of your choice printed inside of the book; you’ll be known as the one who has chosen the title of my next book. So don’t hesitate to submit ideas and opinions in the comment section.

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