I’ll Go With The Flow

The world breaks everyone, and afterward many are strong in the broken places.

Ernest Hemingway

Rivers overflow during heavy rainfalls, flow gently when the weather is calm, dry up during droughts, and all living creatures need to adapt to the ever-changing moods of an unpredictable nature… we all need to go with the flow, take all the necessary precautions, go with the flow, but not stop living our life, go with the flow, live in the moment, go with the flow, not with fear that gnaws our heart, but with an infallible trust in life… to learn and to adapt, to be patient, and to rectify, and to let it come and go like the incessant wave-ins of waves, like the ever-shaping clouds in the sky, the drizzling rain, the capricious weather, and the flow of rivers.

Now that I’ve understood the message, I’ll go with the flow. I’ll go with the flow because of the unpredictable state of things since the breakout of the pandemic, and where I’ve noticed that planning and organising is a complete waste of time for me right now… I’ll go with the flow, for each time I plan and organise my time so as to make more of what I like and love, or to be able to finish something in time, there’s always an unpredictable situation or event that sweeps away what I’ve meticulously planned. 

All misfortune is but a stepping stone to fortune.

Henry David Thoreau

Before the pandemic, on days where my children went to school, at a time where everything was still normal, at 9.45 a.m I was in front of my laptop, practicing my writing and editing skills, reading, learning business skills… I had the time to think and dream, and take naps, and rest when needed, scroll through social feeds, and discover interesting online articles through search, as I let my ideas, stories and poems and narratives ferment, watch television when I wanted to, and even exercise on my treadmill — I had all the time I needed; but after we were hit by the virus, my life took another turn, overnight everything changed, and I’m still trying to find my way amid this mess… after that my initial plans were lost in the womb of time and that place of forgetfulness, buried under the burdens of anxieties and frustrations. Now my children are being homeschooled, and I’m currently taking care of my 90+ mother-in-law, and this amidst anxieties about the future that creep in from time to time, while my determination is rising and falling like waves.

Nothing is predestined: The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.

Ralph Blum

Have to say that when I’m not an employee, when I’m not working within an organisation that’s remunerating me, in my personal life I’m not a creature of habit, I’m rather whimsical and temperamental, but I still plan in my head for this and that, I love to challenge and give myself deadlines, to afterwards celebrate my accomplishments, which in turn strengthen my self-determination.

And though planning and organising, digging pathways and networking make you become the master of your destiny, for the time being I took the decision to go with the flow, to not let the stress of being unable to publish in time and be consistent plague me; I won’t let the frustrations of being unable to sit down and think and write beat me when I’m snowed under with house-chores… I’ll let whatever wants to come in, come in, and when it leaves, I’ll let it leave; and when I’ll have difficulties to ignite the flames of my inspiration, I’ll turn myself to other leisures… though my inspirational flames are always burning.

Have to say that I’m all the time inspired because I’ve practised the strengthening of the muscles of my imagination right from the start, even before honing my writing skills… but it’s just time… I’m missing time… the time to sit down and take my time to write… so for now I’ll go with the flow and wait patiently for my time to return. On some days I’ll be able to publish on Sundays between 10a.m and 3p.m, and on other Sundays at 8p.m, or even perhaps I won’t have been able to write and edit, or the thing needs to simmer in my head for a little bit more time, while at other times, I’ll be able to write easily, straightforwardly… I’ll go with the flow.

Also, strangely, while going with the flow, I got, and still have the time to fix my writing mistakes in my books and blogposts, take better pictures, understand the lacunas in my writing style, analyse my online tools… while my attitude has changed, and mentally I’m stronger.

So for now going with the flow has helped me transitioned, take better decisions, and become fully aware of all the faux pas I made, while I’ve been able to reason with my ego… and when it will be the time for me, I know that I’ll be ready to overcome the challenge that I’ve imposed on myself, and be able to direct my flow in the direction that I want, so as to finally be able to rise above failure.

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