Learning from these mistakes is like scuba-diving in a bottle.

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I learned to learn from my mistakes

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.

Henry Ford

Of mistakes I make a lot, mainly with my writings, but I try my best to correct them, or at least learn what I need to do so as to rectify my mistakes. Impatience and ego are the two main destructive forces that can make you fall and lose overnight everything that you’ve worked so hard for during all of these years, and how much some entrepreneurs and self-employed are prone to impatience and ego are no secrets, for we are constantly reminded that failing after that we’ve said to everybody what we are doing; invested money in that biz; employed people; took revenge on all those that belittled and denigrated us by being successful and shovelling it in their face daily; or even after devoting all of our time to that something, is intolerable, unacceptable, and even shameful, and where so many of us don’t even think of going back so as to learn if ever there has been missteps and wrong doings so as to actually learn from these mistakes. 

Something doesn’t work because it doesn’t work, or even because it is of something or someone else’s fault, but that something doesn’t work because there’s some sort of defect somewhere that we haven’t notice in time, or noticed, but didn’t do anything about it. There’s always a mistake that we have learned nothing from, and which we are bound to repeat until we finally take the time to analyse it so as to find what is wrong. And when we finally notice these mistakes that made such big holes that everything crumbled, we either become humble in the face of our own errors, or we decide to remain blind and repeat these mistakes over and over again.

At first I couldn’t accept… I just couldn’t accept the fact that I couldn’t make it… I had an enormous ego, acting like a very spoiled brat, the type of ego that rendered you blind and deaf to everything. I really don’t understand why I was in such a stubborn mental state, completely blind to my own mistakes; but after that I re-read Darcocyte and my blogpost with a learning mindset, I then understood why I was remaining in that same place, I then learned to learn from my mistakes, I understood that if I really wanted to live up to my self-learning lifestyle, I had to learn to read the signs that could pinpoint me towards the needed direction. I know that this all seem silly and crazy, simply because mentors and professors are needed along the way for success and easement, like all those who succeeded claim; but I fell in this self-learning cauldron accidentally, when I was looking for a work-from-home job online and where I fell on an ad where a company was looking for a blogger who had their own website to work with, and since then I became obsessed with the thought that if I have a blog I’ll be able to really work from home while taking care of my kids, thus started to write because blogging is all about writing, isn’t it? But I made the mistake of thinking that this whole thing would be easy, I just thought that all that I would have to do is write like I used to when I kept a diary, and everything will turn out fine for me, but it’s not at all the case… not at all.

I’m still in the process of re-writing and re-editing everything, and where as I’m discovering that all of my writings are filled with so many mistakes, that all I want to do is go hide in a cave with shame; but I decided to face my mistakes with bravery, for I didn’t come this far to only come this far; and where I hope that through doing the best I can I’ll be able to achieve something that will bring me that great sense of fulfilment, and where five years from now I’ll look at this experience with a more grateful heart, without regrets, knowingly that I’ve learned from my mistakes… well, I hope so🙂.

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