A metaphor for stubbornness — a characteristic that fits me well.”

To Carry Me Away, Away 

To abandon oneself
Just for once 
To give myself 
To the good ones
To close my eyes 
As to be blind 
And letting it and all
Carry me away, away 

Why can't I let me be
A mechanized thing 
Where still the bird flies
And everything living is free, 
Where we still sing 
And live through a lie 
With visions of strong winds
That carry me away, away 

Why all my stubbornness 
All are living breathing 
But in my head it's merely;
I can see my heart digress 
Stagnation is that one thing 
That causes the fear in me, 
A tension, a frustration 
It buries me deeply, deeply

How shall I say
How will I wave
To the world to you
That I've lost something 
While I was rebelling 
As to set myself free
As to find the escape door 
To carry me away, away 

My inner-war made sounds 
My inner-war was an exhaustion 
But inside I found 
Another type of dimension 
All of the things that unfold 
While it whispered it told
A secret, a truth, a lie 
To carry me away, away.