Of Belonging

“I wanted to embody the emotions I feel about ‘abandonment’, the word that I’ve chosen so as to inspire myself to write this poem.”

Of Belonging 
Abandonment, what a sad word
For the living and this world 
Every day something is tossed away
Without chance of returning someday
Winds blow, and rivers stream
While every creatures dream
Of belonging, of being cared for
And most, without wanting more 
I want my whole self to be cherished 
All of my thoughts unleashed 
Living that good life unchained 
Not a single piece of me thrown in a drain
We are a species born without furs 
Our skin heated during summers 
We can't be abandoned creatures 
For death awaits our fragile nature 
How come we need to be dearly loved 
To be wanted and be the beloved 
And die in the hands of abandonment 
Becoming monsters without good guidance 
Somewhere someday we will remember 
That we all need to be treasured 
That we are connected through wombs and oceans
And that the cries of those who are abandoned 
Are achingly felt through our emotions.

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