Lonely boat facing sunset. La Prairie beach

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You Shall See

You Shall See
Tonight I'll take you out at sea
And you shall see the moon
Shimmering over its surface,
You'll gently lay in my arms
And I'll read to you a story
You'll be looking up
And all the bright stars shall smile at you
Then, all of the deep sea creatures
They'll swim up to us
Bioluminescent and magnificent —
Perhaps you'll caress one
And it shall kiss your hand,
I'll continue reading
While sea foams enter your mouth
And after salt shall dissolve on your tongue
Your mouth shall become the beach
On which I shall lay to read
And sleep and dream
Tonight I'll take you out at sea
And you'll see this vast territory
Extending itself wide and far
Finishing at the horizon line —
You'll want to go there
To swim as far as your eyes can see
But I'll kiss you, ardently
With my salty lips made of waves
And you'll forget, you'll forget
This want to escape, to be free
Tonight I'll take you out at sea
But this time I'll tell you something
A tale, which it is, exactly,
The whole sky shall be dark
There'll be no light for you to see,
The opaqueness shall engulf everything seen —
Whole cities behind us
The wild sea underneath us
And the horizon in front of us,
You will be afraid when you shall see
But don't you forget that I'll be there
On the beach, in your tongue
There, when you shall see.

Yesterday I was thinking about the ocean and its creatures, but also about the darkness that prevails on this vast moving space when the sky is dark at night, mainly during a lunar eclipse… and that’s how I was inspired to write this surrealistic poem. I haven’t changed the words that came to my mind when I actually imagine this scene — the stream of consciousness artistic type. Yep, I don’t even wanna know why the future tense, and why a beach in the mouth, or even who I’ll be taking out at sea tonight😅.

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