Yesterday, while closing the window of my bedroom at night, I saw a bright star in the dark sky — well, that’s what I thought at first glance. But then, it moved, and suddenly I realised that it was an aircraft in the night sky, and instantly the lines ‘can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now’, sung by Hayley Williams (from the group Paramore) and B.O.B, automatically played in my head; and I immediately made a wish while pretending that it was a shooting star. I wanted to take a photo of it, to capture this moment, but I was suddenly called elsewhere. I know that I should have taken this photo so as to accompany this blogpost, but well!

Nevertheless, I continued to think about the lyrics of this song, which by the way is titled airplanes (not, aeroplanes😅), and I told to myself, wowww! The one who wrote these lines has certainly once watched a bright object moving in the sky, at night, and instantly compared it to a shooting star, and afterwards, wrote it down, and where yesterday, these same words came to my mind when I saw a bright thing moving in the sky… isn’t that great to remember the poetry of things like that? To dwell in the beauty of the moment by remembering the lines of a beautiful song; isn’t it how life should be? Opening or closing your window, or doing whatever else, and randomly find beauty in places that your eyes never really noticed, and feel appeased in a strange kind of way. Isn’t it how serendipity looks like? Having a wonderful experience by chance.

Comparing a shiny moving object to a shooting star is such a subliminal metaphor. That’s why I love metaphor that much, because I remember the symbolic terms and their representations much more than I remember their literal form. Well, that’s why I find figurative arts and writings interesting, they bring me those thrilling moments that I miss in my life.

This writer’s mind is surely fueled by wonders, a happy place filled with beautiful poetic words, for, as to compare an airplane to a shooting star, one’s head is, and without any doubts, a fertile land for imagination.

As for me, what I wished for when I saw that bright light which really looked like a shooting star, was, to have the same interesting and vivid imagination as the one, or the ones who wrote these creative and catchy lines; but I also wished that I could write better, endowed with the keen skills to spot right away all of my grammatical errors… but of course, as we all know it so well, for a wish to really work, the first level is to ourself work with the needed level of ingeniosity, and the intent of surpassing oneself, so as to be able to boost up our chances to make it in life.

And you, will you make wishes out of airplanes?

This is the link to The official video for “Airplanes” by B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore.