Occasional Poetry

Twenty Twenty One

It’s a bright new year🎉

Exactly, twenty twenty-one

It came out from twenty twenty

A year that we shall forever remember

A year of transition, of shift

The point in time the door opened

For the future to creep in deep

Without us even realizing the deed

Too busy with pandemics and threats

Apocalyptic hues burning the sky

Might be the universe upgrading

Who will ever know about the scheme

Perhaps a spell, perhaps a curse

A strange type of madness that took over.

Hence, to all that silently departed

On that spaceship that had been waiting

That hovered silently, being on standby

To all that have collapsed on the ground

And hurt themselves so badly, achingly

My heart follows them, they carry me.

It’s a bright new year

Exactly, twenty twenty-one

Perhaps we leaped in time

To erase from our fragile memory

The traumatism of twenty twenty

All of the scars it left on us

When Pandora opened her jar.

It’s a bright new year

Exactly, twenty twenty-one

And I hope, we all make it safely.

Firecrackers in the night sky

This time, compared to my former New Year’s poems, I tried to dig within the speculation realm as to come up with this poem, for it seems that all of the bad energies, from every plane and every dimension, crossed/converged/synergised at that point in time, which was 2020. How strange, beautiful, but also frightening to find these lone stars/planets/light or whatever else travel such long distances as to meet, to intersect, to harmonise, to unite, as on their way they shackle and trouble us, little mere mortals (I love me some astrology🔮).

Occasional Poetry


Write, read, drink fruit & herbal black tea, contemplate flowers… heal

Today I thought of flowers blooming
Wildly, beautifully, in the fertile soil
Their strong roots fiercely stretching
Till that secret place, that wild garden

And while musing, I became a flower
That had for mother, earth, nature
And for father, the sky, the universe
I was cherished, loved, cared for
Or should I say :
I am healthy, I am becoming
I am loved, I am cherished

The evil that gnaws me, that eats my body
It suddenly disappears, it vanishes
It cowers away in the dark, in the shadow

That hungry thing, then, with my peace
I gave it away to the wind
I gave it away to the sea, to the lake
I just, gave it away, letting it fly
Where perhaps, and from the bottom of my heart,
With hope too, and wishes too
That it will find beauty on its own
That it will learn the worthiness of love
And feel all the emotions that surge
When loving, and while being loved
And slowly but surely recycle itself
Into a soothing thing, incarnating the love
That paints tears and heartaches
With the vivid divine colors
Of all these beautiful blooming flowers.

It’s been two weeks since I haven’t written down anything. I am busy editing my book of poems, and my mind is a little bit tired too. Thus, I had decided that there will be no post today. Instead, I thought of sharing on my social media last year’s poem, titled Mindscape, which I had written for Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness month. But while writing some lines in the carnet meant to appear in the picture setting for this Pink October photo, inspiration struck, and I was able to write this little poem.

I know it’s hard right now. With coronavirus and all the rest… But we need positive waves more than ever before… and I hope that I am doing my part here.

Thank you to whoever might be reading this post. I hope it gets a little bit better for you, for us, for me, for the whole humanity.

Lyrical Poetry Occasional Poetry

A Musical World

My husband’s guitar
Let the rhythmic waves 
Come through to you —
Through your chest 
Through your breath 
Annihilating your weakness.
Let these sounds dance through  
Inside out, elevating you 
Setting that mind free 
As you liberate and you escape.
Open your heart wide 
And let the music rain inside
Making one with the storm
Tuning in into it, peacefully.
Let everything become melodious 
To find that heart of yours appeased 
While you become the softness 
Through which the music irradiates.
Come with me, take my hand 
And let's bound with the rhythm 
Feel, yes feel the depth of oceans 
Rising tides that become one beat —
The ultimate musical ocean 
Where we all birthed out;
Out of the vibrational chord of liberance
Right till here, in this world 
Filled, full, and fueled, with music.
The hum of wind, the echo of rain 
The symphony of crushing waves 
All sonorous, so musical.
Let the rhythmic waves
Come through to you —
Through your chest
Through your breath
Annihilating your weakness.

Today the 21st of June, the world celebrates music day, so, Happy Music Day to everybody. In the poem the paragon of music I wrote that music stays with me, even during the worst days of my life; and in such a time of great trouble, where stressful situations and heartaches gloom the sky, we still have music, isn’t it? Music which is without barrier. Music which is without color. Music which doesn’t make us sick. Music, which is indistinctive.

Lyrical Poetry Occasional Poetry

My Mom, The Wren

Happy mothers day to all

Your smile leads me again to where I began my life,
Your gentleness touches me deep, healing my wounds,
Your embrace, though am a grown up, cradle me tight,
And in this endless night of mine, your bright light looms.
Often, I want to creep back within your warm womb,
And become again that little baby wiggling inside of you,
As perhaps then, I dreamt of love all day through,
While I am sheltered, inside of your nurturing cocoon -
And for nine months, you safely carried me around,
In the end, you painfully delivered me to the world.
As your memories were mine to touch, my mind hurled,
And in my mouth, the milk of life springing from your breast,
Feeding me fire, where I knew I could safely rest,
As you sang to me an eternal sound, I perhaps knew then
That I would forever carry you inside of me, like a wren.

Thank you mother. I love you very much.

These days I am very busy indeed. I hope to get the time to write a blog post about the short story I’ve been writing recently, and of everything new that I’ve learned while trying to finish it in time for submission, and of the new story idea (for the Darcocyte series) that bloomed in my mind while writing it; but also about my new engagement that will be taking much of my time. Until then, take care.

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A Beautiful Enchantment

A poem for the 50th anniversary of “Earth day”

Natural features of Earth - Le Souffleur, Mauritius
Earth, I love you, for my eternal seed roots into you 
Earth, you revolve, while the sea dissolves into you 
Earth, you evolve, while everything else dies within you 
Your belly is a jar that nurture everything that's alive
Your belly is a petri-dish where we all dive 
Your belly is a pathway, where we all drive
This little planet, pale blue dot, so fertile and damp
This little planet, rich with variances of life and lands 
This little planet, so colorful, so full with things that ramp
And your big arms, hug us, mortal as we are
And your big arms, cradle us, bad as we are 
And your big arms, protect us, fragile as we are 
How lovely for us to live inside of your dream 
How lovely to exist, just to exist, swimming in your stream
How lovely to open our eyes as to find us, in your rim 
Earth I do love everything that you contain —
The sea, the sun, the sky, the lands, this wellspring, 
You see, you hear, and I know of all the love that remain
While you watch in silence, with adoration, your everything 
Earth, what a beautiful enchantment you are 
Earth, you are a treasure chest that contains all 
Earth, your secret, the chamber inside, your half dark 
Earth, I am silent, and in this silence I watch you grow whole.

Happy Earth day to all. I hope you are all safe out there. Earth is going through a harsh winter, and where the summer, as for every other seasons, will soon come around again, and perhaps, with some new types of plant shrouding here and there. Until then, stay inside, for fairies and other magical creatures don’t like humans seeing them working on upgrades, or fixing up broken things…loll

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Sweet Is Thy Beauty

Tomorrow 12 March is the day where we celebrate the Independence of the republic of Mauritius, but all festivities have been canceled. For 2019 I had written nuance, a poem where I describe poetically the different colors that makes up our multicolored flag, and where this time, I was inspired to write this poem from a sentence taken from our National Anthem, which is Sweet is thy beauty.

Glory to thee, Motherland

O Motherland of mine.

Sweet is thy beauty,

Sweet is thy fragrance,

Around thee we gather

As one people,

As one nation,

In peace, justice and liberty.

Beloved Country,

May God bless thee

For ever and ever.

National Anthem of the republic of Mauritius
Crystal Rock, Mauritius

The sea of that day was boiling violently,

And its sun was shinning radiantly;

The sea bed shook incessantly

As Vulcan made love to the nymph of the sea -

Troubled was the depth of the sea crust

So much, it geysered out buoyantly,

Its dark matter floating upon the sea

Stretching itself wide and large elegantly.

A lone island inspirited of existence,

Waiting for life to grow upon its skin.

And as years and years went by slowly -

Wild winged creatures dropped seeds,

Drifting things ran aground on its reefs,

And seaweeds and dead corals clothed it’s barren landscape;

While the waves wonderfully sculpted

The curving design of a fine island -

Most beautiful curves amongst them all.

And after so many setting suns and moons

A nation of rainbow came to populate the island -

Raising rainbow children upon this land

Thus an eternal rainbow appeared in the midst of the sea,

While you became a city ornated of these bright lights.

And while our bodies became dust within,

While every other creatures decay deep-in

Where our motherland engulfs our whole, our souls -

Regurgitating all of these rainbows

That flow again upon its rough skin.

Occasional Poetry Ode Poetry

Women, I Compare Thee

Feminine symbolism

Happy International Women’s Day in advance

Women and their strength —

And all the weeds, flowers, and grass

That grow upon our skin, uninvited.

Women and their endurance —

And all these gigantic trees

That crawls and roots inside of us, forcibly.

Women, we are, storm-like creatures

Winged, and crowned, but still, humble —

Perhaps the metaphor for a flower trampled on;

So beautiful petals snatched away.

Our cries, they turn into lake and rivers

Lakes and rivers hosting thy worlds,

That body of us, blossoming vessels

Within which thy dreams come true.

We hold the mountains in our breasts

And cradle the sky as birds fly by —

Stopping the magma with the gentleness of a kiss.

Women we are brave womanhood,

Dancing bodies rising higher into thy sky,

Our belly walls crack and iron rains everywhere —

Such odd and fascinating creatures

Longing for wilderness and freedom to be.

Women and their tender caring clasp —

And our damp basin filled of thy seeds

Which we keep safe till they wonderfully germinate;

And as thy roots tear us open crude

We hold on to this love with pain

Hoping, that the beauty of us remain immortal.

I nightmared that I was only a machine, programmed to host thy life, to give thee pleasure, to endure life in that body… but then I dreamed that I wanted to be free like Lilith, thus used all my pain, all of my frustration, everything I went through to break out from slumber… The rise of the machines began… And it was normal, for as women we are creatures of understatement, thus awakened before thee…

This little paragraph is all of what I remember about a little story that I had written a very long time ago which was about all women leaving earth in a spaceship, leaving all men behind, because they had robots to do the jobs; thus, all women decided to go on another planet to create a new system, and thus be finally free.

Occasional Poetry

A cry For Freedom

Amongst the trees they ran

Thirsty for freedom, the liberation

Better to die rather than

To live like an animal in ruination

Their chains rattle against the ground

While their heart tremble with the fear

That they might be found by the hounds,

So they run for their lives like a deer

Searching for that place they once dreamt;

There where their cry for freedom

Would finally come to the end of a theme

And there where their merry heart filled with rum

Will be forever unchained from slavery

They’ll never again remember where their home is -

It’s lost under a pile of tragedies

Where they used to gather to sing to dance

It’s lost within heartaches and abomination

All the remembrances forgotten with whips

And where everywhere is a forest that kills -

A heartfelt feeling of an ablation

It’s so far now, the cry for freedom

Still, a historical past to ponder on.

I hope that deep within we all heal from the past

Today is the commemoration of the 185th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Mauritius; and nothing is better than a poem as to celebrate freedom.

Occasional Poetry

A Cycle Ends - A Poem For This New Year

And about the challenge I faced to write it
All stars and planets concinnate,
Of course, it’s the end of a twelve months cycle
A fickle cycle that started twenty years back
Do you remember what occurs?
You were new born in a shinny cradle
Your eyes, as dark as this void
Your heart, as empty as the nothingness
Yet, you are the monarch that’s to be
Yet, you will yield the scepter for the coming decade
Do you remember what occurs?
You had to downpour yourself wide
Living wanderlust among gypsies and mystics
Trying to catch an understanding of the outrageous
Seeking on your own to find your galaxy path
Do you remember what occurs?
This whole block was your playground
Upheaval of intense emotional arousing;
The pathway less travelled, with traps - enigmatic
Your eyes, it matured, your self, it expanded
Do you remember what occurs?
After the birth, the learning and the curiousness
After the knowledge, the chrysalis and the decisions
After you were pupae form, hungry, you were the devourer
Do you remember what occurs?
Now, full formed, matured, with wings to fly
Cycles within inner circles as to grow;
Years to yonder on the wild side of life
Yearning and learning for that understandment
Now, you remember, don’t you?
Now that it’s the end, we all cheer to a new reign
Feasting, with the new decade’s monarch
Crying, over a past that will never return -
Everything’s ready for this world to unfold
But you, do you remember these occurrences?
It is quite challenging for me to creatively come up with something for an important calendar celebration, or even to write a piece for important events; where in these cases, I find myself struggling to translate my emotions and thoughts on the subject matter. These subjects are so sensitive, that most of the time I give up writing what I want to convey on those important matters.
When I write a piece, I want to sense the freedom of joyfully creating, and not feel the tension that arises from the fear of badly, or even awkwardly, wrap up my thoughts in my work. And this is what exactly happened while trying to come up with a poem for the New Year - I had difficulties to express the deepness of my thoughts in the most creative and liberating way, where sometimes the fear of ill-interpreting the subject made me doubt to continue writing further, and where at other times, my doubts aroused out of the fear that the written piece was too prosaic - too dull to the escaping imaginaire of the reader.
Have to say that I love to read obscure poems - pieces that seem like a mess to some, but that stir my imagination in a strange and vivid way, where it seems to make connection to my subconscious state of mind. Thus, when I write, I expect the poem to be cloaked in these metaphors and emotions, that I love and feel while reading the artworks of other authors, but where unfortunately for me, I struggle a lot to creatively convey subjects that are ingrained and grounded in this reality. And I guess that it will always be a challenge for me to write about these subject matters, but challenge, that I will always gladly try to overcome.
So, happy 2020 to all of you, and best wishes for the coming year - even though there is a cyclone warning, here in Mauritius.
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Merry Merry Christmas

Merry Merry Christmas
 Merry Merry Christmas
 May joy shine like fine glass
 Inside of your festive hearts
 Filled, of ice cream dreams
 Merry Merry Christmas
 May you live the magic
 And let yourself be carried away
 By the loud amusing joy ride
 Merry Merry Christmas
 May the loving floating ambiance
 Regenerates your all whole
 As you remember your childish heart
 Merry Merry Christmas
 May all the x-mas poems songs and stories
 Find a way to your tired heart
 Touched, you're healed on the moment
 Merry Merry Christmas
 May all of your lonesome blues
 Shifts merrily to the sweet sound of Christmas
 While your gift - the contagious festive mood
 Merry Merry Christmas
 I write with joy, I write with hope
 Where all this festivity hue blind my eyes
 While I fly under the same sky as the child.

When the contagious festive mood inspires

Here's how my children decorated this year's Christmas tree
That’s how my children decorated this year’s Christmas tree

I was not at all in the mood to celebrate; either did I ever planned to write a poem for Christmas day. But when today (it’s the 24th) I went with my children and husband to the shopping mall, something in the aura of this day inspired me to write this poem, which I’ll post tomorrow.

So, merry Christmas to all of you, and may the magic wand of Christmas gifts you happiness and inspiration, and might your heart revel inside of your childish memories.

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A Poem For This Pink October

I hope you find in poetry
A lighthouse hovering upon a tree
Some bucket full of fireflies
Flying all across many skies —
Of all colours & of all styles

May you imagine as you write
Knocking down all the sylphides of fright
Brandishing courageously your sword
Annihilating only through words
Finding inside you the river of worth

Might your mind escape far -
Away, inside of a speedy car
While you read an adventurous fiction
Filled of a superfluous action
And of everything else that your heart never bred

It’s dark everywhere, I know
And my mind feeds on a black crow
But that ray of hope that shines —
I’ve found only through these finds
That’s filled of poetries, books, of stories

Half of the world may-might be gone
But I — I still continue my escape
Freeing myself further & farther

Freeing myself further and farther.


What a beautiful month as that of the pink-October breast cancer awareness month — and why wouldn’t you be reading? Why wouldn’t you be writing? Why wouldn’t you be blogging? Why wouldn’t you be journaling in a private diary? Why wouldn’t you scribble down on a piece of paper everything that hurts, everything that gnaws your body, to then throw it away in the fire, or even to rip it into pieces, or even eat it as to spit it out. You can be everything you want through writing, you can seek out to everyone you want through writing, you can talk to yourself through writing therapies, which consist of relieving tension and emotion, establishing self-control and understanding the situation after words are transmitted on paper. You don’t need to be a skilled writer, only letting yourself express through any form and medium of writing can kind of relieve that burden you carry.

I love my sessions of free-writings, thing that I do in complete privacy, and where even though I often do it as to retrieve bits of ideas as to get the necessary inspiration to write, I have to say that I feel relieved in a certain way of a heavy weight on my heart. I don’t know the in-depth analysis about how this whole thing work, but it surely feels therapeutic. Thus my opinion and poem for the blog post of today.

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Peace, Please

A Poem I Wrote For World Peace Day

Peace, Please
So that our scars might close
Like the bud of a rose
And that our bruises might have time
to compose
A heartbreaking story filled of sad prose

Peace, Please
So that our wonderful children might freely
Roam their lands with assurance and safety
Under the benevolent eyes of what’s earthly
Extending their lives as to die naturally

Peace, Please
So that we might all live in harmony
As to forget past lives fueled with fatality
Seeing together that bright future build
on fraternity
As for us to find our own joyful remedy

Peace, Please
So that blood cease to stain the soil we walk on
So that earth cease to cry upon
Heartaches that become a pond
Filled of sorrows and happiness that’s gone

Peace, Please
So that our hearts might heal
And that we might see existence
As it ought to be seen
Where through our own healing
Peace might finally be achieved.

I’ve had some trouble finding the inspiration as to write this poem. I always have trouble writing about serious issues and theme; where I am always afraid to write something that might be misinterpreted by some. Since last week I’ve been trying hard to find the right words to write—since we’ve got Pope Francis paying a visit to Mauritius—but my guess was that I was so afraid that I might not be able to aesthetically express my thoughts, that all the words in my head blocked. Then, yesterday after I’ve fed my mind with some wonderful and aesthetic artworks, I was right away inspired to write peace, please.
Lyrical Poetry Occasional Poetry

Adrenaline Rush

A poem for the Indian Ocean Island Games 2019

Adrenaline Rush

You take You blow You take flight
You run You walk You sail bright
You show You stretch You fight back
You swim You dodge You soar high
The fright The doubts You kick out
On site Your strong You shout loud
The sweats The pain It’s no vain
The strength Success It’s all gain.

Efforts From dawn It’s all gold
Suffice You push & get bold
Your will Your thoughts They strengthen
To overcome To overrule Hand In hand
The resistance The doubts Of then
The defiance To laws Of whats Physical
The embodiment In trance Into Adrenaline rush
The fun Under the sun To dare To defy To win.


Mauritius is actually in the heart of a frenzy sports celebration that gather mostly southern Indian ocean’s territories like, Madagascar, Comoros, Reunion, Seychelles, Mayotte, and Maldives islands, where the fervency of these games brings along the warmth needed in our heart to counter these very cold days. I’ve tried composing this little poem in an iambic feet style.

Occasional Poetry

26 June UN Observances

Two little poems — one for drug abuse, and one for victims of torture

As today is the United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking, as well as United Nations International Day In Support Of Victims Of Torture, I decided to write these two little poems. I always fear to write about these serious issues, for perhaps, I might have accidentally written things that might touch sensitive souls, or even attract the anger of some. For these two poems, I tried a new way of juxtaposing.

#Health4JusticeJustice4health (This year’s theme for International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking)

The Tempter

A parasite
Devastating, tearing, possessing
That body that mind that life

The illusion of
Feeling, ascending, escaping
Something somewhere everywhere

Stop you from
Sensing, appreciating, envisioning
That existence of yours

Are invisible chains
Imprisoning, hurting, digressing
The one you are and ought to be

And what if you, beautiful human being, you were tempted to take that scourge of destruction, so as to never realize.

Just think… did you always had the answer
To the magnificence of your core

Where the tempter has always been around
For your downfall…

From Horror To Healing (This year’s theme International Day In Support Of Victims Of Torture)

The part that stays, it recovers

Torture of the mind
Invisible dagger that stings
Lost amongst all these laughter
A part of the inside that dies miserably

But that part that stays
it recovers
That part that has always been
Before the experience of horror
It helps at will to heal

I really don’t know more what to say
Than that, of being gentle with yourself.

Occasional Poetry

The Paragon Of Music

A poem to celebrate music day

Melodious Things

Music, is the only pang needed to fend these feelings of being lost

Music, is the only peaceful remedy for souls that can’t find sleep

Music, is the only needed drug to calm and excite the chemicals in the body.

Music stays with me, even during the worst days of my life,

Sometimes it seems that, I hear its own voice

The incarnation of these first sounds

That make my whole body vibrate

As to engender the primo beat of an existence.

Isn’t it strange the hum in the syllable of human?
Like, we are sounds that resonate, and frequencies that bind into one heart,

Perhaps we’re melodious things,

Unaware of the frequencies we summon,
Going past the dream of our fate,

Having forgotten these imperceptible ultrasonic -
The songs of winds on windy days.

These lullabies put me to sleep,

Way to early for me to keep

The present moment of the memory of it.

My memory fluctuates, and I can’t seem to fit -
When the gods of sounds make my body vibrate
While my mind escapes far across this existence.

I’ve transcended, as my mind ascended

From the vibrational chords of its own mechanical resonance

A far stellar settlement of soundlike impediment,

That exploded to its own agitated dream waves of liberance.


Yesterday the 21st, we celebrated music day, hence this little poem. Music is a very inspiring medium for my mind, for it elevates me into places filled of creative ambience. Music has always been my favourite lieu of escapism, and I’ve always thought that it can be a good panacea to fight away morosity and every kind of affliction of the mind. I never feel alone when I listen to music, as if in the moment, there were only me and the vibrations, only me and the message to me—something, almost mystical. I love the idea, and the stories of creation myth through sounds or words, and even dance, because I’ve personally experienced these fit of vibrations that partook my whole body, or that strange tickling pulse in my head while listening to some music. You don’t have to hear to experience musical sounds, all you have to do is put your hands against a boom-bass-tic speaker turned on to the max… and feel the vibrations… does that exist! I don’t know, I think that I should Google it…🤣

Occasional Poetry

Self-Destruction (A Poem About Earth)

Earth, why won’t you talk
To us - all who dreamily walk
Within your damp vessel
Across your fumigene temple

You’ll say words that your winds
Blow, through soft tempest of skins
Those, you soulfully whisper
To all those, nature worshippers

Why you, most lovable planet -
Only one that carries all kinds of life
Remains humble and tolerant towards
These same that commit all these plight

You are going elseway as you change
And you keep yourself all sane all soft,
While above your skin, we dirty we saccage
And on your own, quietly you moult

Your soldiers shake, move, stir, wreck -
Elements at war
Your children saccage, pollute, break -
Unaware of what you are

And you calmly remain into serenity
Fluidly taking shapes into roots into flowers
Into rivers into lagoons into mountains
Into trees into grasses into rocks into soil

Anthropomorphic dreams of renewal
Constant seasonal cell regeneration
So you keep quiet you keep calm you keep to you
The secrecy of your decay till rebirth

Would you talk to our souls, if only you could…
Would you tell us to stop our own destruction
Would you… Mother earth?

On the 5th of June we celebrated ‘World Environmental Day’, while yesterday the 8th we celebrated ‘World Oceans Day’. Nature has a very special place in my heart, where in this poem, I anthropomorphise its essence and glorify its constant renewal… while we humans, destroy ourselves through the destruction of the ecosystem needed for our own survival.
Occasional Poetry

Thank u Mother

Mother, you are soft land
From where I sprouted out
Where your caring hands
Give me the needed comfort
As for me to rest my tilted bones

When you open your arms
Wide and with all love there is
My mind strengthen with hope
Hope that I might too
Become as caring as you

Through winds and rain and pain
You keep your arms and heart
As a shielded shelter that retain
All the blood links that this world
Holds within, its rest and breast

Nothing will ever compare to you,
For you solely carried my soul
While my body weaved
And strengthened while floating
Into your amniotic bag of fluid

It takes two to create a life -
But it takes only one to carry it -
Nine months in womb
One to go through all the traumas
Physical mental change
And the sufferings of birthing
Pain stitches scars

Thus, thank you mother
For there can’t be another.

Today we celebrate mother’s day. So, happy mothers day to everyone, particularly to my mother. Mmmmuuuaaahhh.

Occasional Poetry

Nuance (A poem about Mauritius)

Happy Independence Day Mauritius


Warm red blood of the tropics
Mingles into these lands

Where sweats flood
On different nuance of skins

Upon which buds
scents and flavors
& all colors of all mainlands

to earth

Under our blue sky
Nature ravishes our eyes
Where through summer
& through winter
The evergreen scenic beaches
Welcome on its curved shorelines
The warming feelings
of heartfelt happy hearts
Always smiling
Always festive
Learning to grow out
From roots to roots

With a yellow burning sun
Tanning our skins
And reviving our morphing bones
We soar under these skies
With the too much love that fills our lungs
We shape these nights
& we shape these days
Coming together under that same sun
Through our disparities
We surrender
Under the land of our motherland

These green lands
Filled of fields
Replenished of exotic & endemic
Faunas & floras
Turn this land of love & bathing sun
Into a dreamy land filled of dreams
& hope
That run across all-shores
To extend into unison with all unified fields
Of this whole universe.


Occasional Poetry

Brave Womanhood

A free verse poem for International Women’s Day

I grew up in a matriarchal house, filled of women who worked as hard as any other man, to pay the rent and all the rest, all the while rearing their children all alone. So, for this International Women’s Day, I would like to thank my mother, my deceased grandmother, and as well as all my aunts, for they have shown me what real bravery was. 

Brave Womanhood 

My grandmother, she used to tell me

The story of her sister
Whose roots now sprout under another sun
Amongst some blood that tastes
Of ancient magic and creatures long lost

She took a boat

And went on faraway seas
Never to look back again

She whose dark skin

Never appeared as a brake
To her determination
She whose thick hair
Has never made her a little less beautiful
And she whose other attributes
Has never stopped her mind
From wondering beautifully

No… She was fierce as a lioness

Studying till the late night hours
Under lights of kerosene lamps
Which stuffed her nostrils of black soot

And what a story for me to hang on to

In times where my strength becomes weakness
In times where I am so fragile
That my bones can’t seem to rest into my own skin
In times where I despise my femininity
And envy men for their wings
In times where my feminine outfits
Are prisons too tight

And within my dreams

It’s clear to see that
I am woman under an alien sky
With no spaceship to return to venus.


Occasional Poetry Ode Poetry Personal Narratives

By Eiravel, Made For The Romantics

Love mugs, pillow hearts, and little red rose.

It’s done, we are the 14th of February, and it’s the last day of my challenge. Down below you’ll find all the love notes I’ve made. They are free; you can use them as you wish to.

My Valentine, something vehement stirs my mind
      Arduously engorging my heart with thy
       Love; devouring my soul from the inside
        Etching thy face on every inch of my skin.
         Nectars dips from your lips, that
          Throbs the hum of a song of us
           Imbued of wistful constellations, where
            Nebulous images of our loving stars
             Elapse without time into the wild.

I have found my own kind of aesthetic visual

Being romantic to the core, I really loved making these e-cards. I can even say that I have found my own kind of aesthetic visual. I already knew that I loved flowers, trees, and ivies, but I didn’t know that I was to that extent fascinated by these plants, not until I included them in these love cards.

I thought that I would make these backgrounds with pages and journals, but it was not at all the case. Like-what! It is always through the course of doing that one knows their flares.

As for my love for this celebration, it stems back from the days I used to work in a gift shop. I remember preparing love bibelots; making them more attractive to the enamored, while cutting all types and forms of wrapping-papers vividly stamped with red hearts and other love symbols (all to make these buyers crazy about love and spending) for practically three weeks.

And somehow, having helped these happy, and madly in love strangers choose the perfect present for their significant other(s), forever stamped my mind with beautiful images of Valentine’s day.

That is why I think, that I took so much pleasure writing these little love-notes… perhaps as a beautiful reminder of a joyous past, and of all these now-nebulous happy faces.

Love Notes

Free. Use as you wish