Ode Poetry

Beloved Mauri - A Poem

Is the reflection over the sea same as what lies beneath…

I will always deeply love Mauritius.

My island lives over the sea
Can you see it floating over the ocean mist?

My island roots beneath a deepening lagoon
Can you see its veins streaking against the blue?

The tropical summer heats our feelings
But have you tasted the warmth of our winter?

At night our crickets sing symphonies
But have you heard of our morning songbirds?

I stay there, watching the sea
Feeling pensive and free
While the world around me
Blooms out beauties without compare

But NO! Stop! I had a vision…

That our world was dying
And through it all
I had to shut my eyes
To its decaying

The ocean dance in reflection
Hiding underneath an infection
The lagoon is filled of toxic seaweed
Where coral reefs stopped their breed

In my heart floats
Trillions of memories
Where I’ll remember;
Our red blood
Our blue sky
Our yellow sun
& the greenness
Of our fields

As within my heart
I’ll take the imageries
Of the most, beautiful
Island curve that stamps this world

And into my new dreams
I’ll cover the dunes
With the emerald sea
Of my beloved Mauri

Forever living inside terrariums
Made out from the foams
Of its tidal waves
As they gently
Kiss the shorelines
Of our beautiful island.


Ode Poetry

1st December

Summer is around the corner in Mauritius

1st December came in -

Half of my world is in summer

The trees abundantly offer their fruits -

For us to eat and to think of the graciousness of nature

The birds - They don’t nest their home around anymore

They have spread their wings to fly away,

I hear their chants, at far

And once in a while See them perching on electric wires -

Proud to be free, proud of their wings

In most houses it’s summer too -

The bells are about to ring happy ever afters -

Holidays, end year, and Christmas too

While others, still house winter in their heart

1st December came in, I woke up knowingly

That there is nothing anymore to be saved

I go on with my life, busy building my dream

So that my next winter

Might look like the summer of this 1st December day.