The Colours Of Our Dream

That’s the second year that our children won’t chant and glorify in unison our national anthem for the independence day of Mauritius. Things have worsened here, the coronavirus has suddenly spread, and everyday there are more people that are being tested positive. We’ve got the vaccines, but not many people did it in time. So,Continue reading “The Colours Of Our Dream”

Sweet Is Thy Beauty

Tomorrow 12 March is the day where we celebrate the Independence of the republic of Mauritius… but all festivities have been canceled. For 2019 I had written nuance, a poem where I poetically describe the different colors that make up our multicolored flag. But this time I was inspired to write this poem from aContinue reading “Sweet Is Thy Beauty”

Nuance (A poem about Mauritius)

Nuance Warm red blood of the tropics Mingles into these lands Where sweats flood On different nuance of skins Upon which buds scents and flavors & all colors of all mainlands Child to earth Under our blue sky Nature ravishes our eyes Where through summer & through winter The evergreen scenic beaches Welcome on its curved shorelines The warming feelings ofContinue reading “Nuance (A poem about Mauritius)”