I Read Of Eternity – A Poem

Read to feed your mind

Last Sunday I wrote a blog-post titled: my little
bookcase, and for this week, I was inspired to write this lil’ poem about reading feels.

I read of eternity

Bookcases filled of phrases
Bookshelves filled of elves

Through these lands of magic
And through these dreamy minds
I read of eternity
& of serendipity

I fly into ovnis
With wings of steel
I plunge into oceans
Made of sugary water
Upon teary skies
That never cease to feel

I dodge out
& tricheries

Roaming upon candy skies
Into those stories
Into these other
Planes of existence
Where everything
Is so beautiful

As all words come alive
Behind the window
Of my curious eyes
Right into a hungry mind
Crowded with eluded thoughts
Clothed of stories that can’t be
But that can
Fly me away
To another moon
Dressed into colors
Of the imagination
Of its author

Bookcases filled of phrases
Bookshelves filled of elves.