Metaphorous Mind Matter

The dark is silence, sleep, calmness, and all those little lights, thoughts that travel, feelings and emotions, are what animates life - writing is lively. Metaphorous Mind Matter And in a heartbeat my ink it cried Bleeding words, spilling it over Spilled ink on immaculate sheets, And like phosphorus beams Something vibrant and colorful Came toContinue reading “Metaphorous Mind Matter”

A World Of Alienation

I can’t lie, I am a daydreamer — someone who loves the realm of the imagination, which is a place that’s unfortunately often seen as being the getaway of people deemed as being alienated. But artists know, writers know. A World Of Alienation I live all alone In a world that’s filled With mysteries, ofContinue reading “A World Of Alienation”

Spilled ink

“I have always liked reading poems, to me it’s such a fascinating art; the most understandable medium that exists. I also wrote poems in my teen days, well, if we could call that poems😅. Poetry, visual art, music, ambient movies, and catchy written books have always satisfied my thirstiness of subtle evasion, thus it wasContinue reading “Spilled ink”