By Eiravel, Made For The Romantics

Love mugs, pillow hearts, and little red rose.

It’s done, we are the 14th of February, and it’s the last day of my challenge. Down below you’ll find all the love notes I’ve made. They are free; you can use them as you wish to.

My Valentine, something vehement stirs my mind
      Arduously engorging my heart with thy
       Love; devouring my soul from the inside
        Etching thy face on every inch of my skin.
         Nectars dips from your lips, that
          Throbs the hum of a song of us
           Imbued of wistful constellations, where
            Nebulous images of our loving stars
             Elapse without time into the wild.

I have found my own kind of aesthetic visual

Being romantic to the core, I really loved making these e-cards. I can even say that I have found my own kind of aesthetic visual. I already knew that I loved flowers, trees, and ivies, but I didn’t know that I was to that extent fascinated by these plants, not until I included them in these love cards.

I thought that I would make these backgrounds with pages and journals, but it was not at all the case. Like-what! It is always through the course of doing that one knows their flares.

As for my love for this celebration, it stems back from the days I used to work in a gift shop. I remember preparing love bibelots; making them more attractive to the enamored, while cutting all types and forms of wrapping-papers vividly stamped with red hearts and other love symbols (all to make these buyers crazy about love and spending) for practically three weeks.

And somehow, having helped these happy, and madly in love strangers choose the perfect present for their significant other(s), forever stamped my mind with beautiful images of Valentine’s day.

That is why I think, that I took so much pleasure writing these little love-notes… perhaps as a beautiful reminder of a joyous past, and of all these now-nebulous happy faces.

Love Notes

Free. Use as you wish


Love Conquers All

If all earthlings knew the essence of real love, the world  would have been different

Love conquers all –
Like dew on glass
That cascades the window front
On a summer fiery morning

Love conquers all –
Like a playful soul
Running in the prairie
At 5.a.m in the morning

Or like a clang that resounds
Through an empty hall

Love conquers all –
All we need to do
Is open our heart
And let the melody pour in
So as to satisfy our thirstiness

The dew pours down
The playful soul runs around
The clang resounds…
And love conquers all.