A Musical World

black and white photography of an acoustic guitar laid on silky cloth
My husband’s guitar
Let the rhythmic waves 
Come through to you —
Through your chest 
Through your breath 
Annihilating your weakness.
Let these sounds dance through  
Inside out, elevating you 
Setting that mind free 
As you liberate and you escape.
Open your heart wide 
And let the music rain inside
Making one with the storm
Tuning in into it, peacefully.
Let everything become melodious 
To find that heart of yours appeased 
While you become the softness 
Through which the music irradiates.
Come with me, take my hand 
And let's bound with the rhythm 
Feel, yes feel the depth of oceans 
Rising tides that become one beat —
The ultimate musical ocean 
Where we all birthed out;
Out of the vibrational chord of liberance
Right till here, in this world 
Filled, full, and fueled, with music.
The hum of wind, the echo of rain 
The symphony of crushing waves 
All sonorous, so musical.
Let the rhythmic waves
Come through to you —
Through your chest
Through your breath
Annihilating your weakness.

Today the 21st of June, the world celebrates music day, so, Happy Music Day to everybody. In the poem the paragon of music I wrote that music stays with me, even during the worst days of my life; and in such a time of great trouble, where stressful situations and heartaches gloom the sky, we still have music, isn’t it? Music which is without barrier. Music which is without color. Music which doesn’t make us sick. Music, which is indistinctive.


The Paragon Of Music

A poem to celebrate music day

Melodious Things

Music, is the only pang needed to fend these feelings of being lost

Music, is the only peaceful remedy for souls that can’t find sleep

Music, is the only needed drug to calm and excite the chemicals in the body.

Music stays with me, even during the worst days of my life,

Sometimes it seems that, I hear its own voice

The incarnation of these first sounds

That make my whole body vibrate

As to engender the primo beat of an existence.

Isn’t it strange the hum in the syllable of human?
Like, we are sounds that resonate, and frequencies that bind into one heart,

Perhaps we’re melodious things,

Unaware of the frequencies we summon,
Going past the dream of our fate,

Having forgotten these imperceptible ultrasonic –
The songs of winds on windy days.

These lullabies put me to sleep,

Way to early for me to keep

The present moment of the memory of it.

My memory fluctuates, and I can’t seem to fit –
When the gods of sounds make my body vibrate
While my mind escapes far across this existence.

I’ve transcended, as my mind ascended

From the vibrational chords of its own mechanical resonance

A far stellar settlement of soundlike impediment,

That exploded to its own agitated dream waves of liberance.


Yesterday the 21st, we celebrated music day, hence this little poem. Music is a very inspiring medium for my mind, for it elevates me into places filled of creative ambience. Music has always been my favourite lieu of escapism, and I’ve always thought that it can be a good panacea to fight away morosity and every kind of affliction of the mind. I never feel alone when I listen to music, as if in the moment, there were only me and the vibrations, only me and the message to me—something, almost mystical. I love the idea, and the stories of creation myth through sounds or words, and even dance, because I’ve personally experienced these fit of vibrations that partook my whole body, or that strange tickling pulse in my head while listening to some music. You don’t have to hear to experience musical sounds, all you have to do is put your hands against a boom-bass-tic speaker turned on to the max… and feel the vibrations… does that exist! I don’t know, I think that I should Google it…🤣