A Beautiful Enchantment

A poem for the 50th anniversary of “Earth day”

Blue lagoon and cliffs
Natural features of Earth – Le Souffleur, Mauritius
Earth, I love you, for my eternal seed roots into you 
Earth, you revolve, while the sea dissolves into you 
Earth, you evolve, while everything else dies within you 

Your belly is a jar that nurture everything that's alive
Your belly is a petri-dish where we all dive 
Your belly is a pathway, where we all drive

This little planet, pale blue dot, so fertile and damp
This little planet, rich with variances of life and lands 
This little planet, so colorful, so full with things that ramp

And your big arms, hug us, mortal as we are
And your big arms, cradle us, bad as we are 
And your big arms, protect us, fragile as we are 

How lovely for us to live inside of your dream 
How lovely to exist, just to exist, swimming in your stream
How lovely to open our eyes as to find us, in your rim 

Earth I do love everything that you contain —
The sea, the sun, the sky, the lands, this wellspring, 
You see, you hear, and I know of all the love that remain
While you watch in silence, with adoration, your everything 

Earth, what a beautiful enchantment you are 
Earth, you are a treasure chest that contains all 
Earth, your secret, the chamber inside, your half dark 
Earth, I am silent, and in this silence I watch you grow whole.

Happy Earth day to all. I hope you are all safe out there. Earth is going through a harsh winter, and where the summer, as for every other seasons, will soon come around again, and perhaps, with some new types of plant shrouding here and there. Until then, stay inside, for fairies and other magical creatures don’t like humans seeing them working on upgrades, or fixing up broken things…loll


Sweet Is Thy Beauty

Tomorrow 12 March is the day where we celebrate the Independence of the republic of Mauritius… but all festivities have been canceled. For 2019 I had written nuance, a poem where I poetically describe the different colors that make up our multicolored flag. But this time I was inspired to write this poem from a sentence taken from our National Anthem, which is Sweet is thy beauty.

Glory to thee, Motherland

O Motherland of mine.

Sweet is thy beauty,

Sweet is thy fragrance,

Around thee we gather

As one people,

As one nation,

In peace, justice and liberty.

Beloved Country,

May God bless thee

For ever and ever.

National Anthem of the republic of Mauritius

Sweet Is Thy Beauty

The sea of that day was boiling violently,

And its sun was shinning radiantly;

The sea bed shook incessantly

As Vulcan made love to the nymph of the sea –

Troubled was the depth of the sea crust

So much, it geysered out buoyantly,

Its dark matter floating upon the sea

Stretching itself wide and large elegantly.

A lone island inspirited of existence,

Waiting for life to grow upon its skin.

And as years and years went by slowly –

Wild winged creatures dropped seeds,

Drifting things ran aground on its reefs,

And seaweeds and dead corals clothed it’s barren landscape;

While the waves wonderfully sculpted

The curving design of a fine island –

Most beautiful curves amongst them all.

And after so many setting suns and moons

A nation of rainbow came to populate the island –

Raising rainbow children upon this land

Thus an eternal rainbow appeared in the midst of the sea,

While you became a city ornated of these bright lights.

And while our bodies became dust within,

While every other creatures decay deep-in

Where our motherland engulfs our whole, our souls –

Regurgitating all of these rainbows

That flow again upon its rough skin.


A Month Of May In Mauritius (Poem)

cloudy gray sky and palm tree
outside of my window, on a grayish day

A month of May in Mauritius

The seasonal mood meander

Midst the wintery cold days

As the heat mild and the sun migrate.

At night leaves sings merrily

As gushes of winds murmur In silence;

While the muse of our lagoon

Mutter quietly to the poet

Of lugubrous morbid mysteries

And shivering moist sceneries

Of these murky days ahead.

In some places, musty smell

Mingles into damp corners

Whereupon these misty days

Warm and mush clothes frays

Their way into the wardrobe.

Yep, winter is here in Mauritius, thus the inspiration behind this little poem.

The month of May has a particular meaning to me, for both my sons were born during this month. Also, as here we celebrate mothers day at the end of this month, I am busy making some mothers day e-cards, which for me is the best creative leisure that keeps me rooted into that creative realm. Thus, I do hope that for all of you, this month turns out to be fertile, and that the change of season brings to you the greatest of inspiration.


Gloomy Season – A Poem

Mythology too, is a great source
of inspiration to me

“The Wolves Pursuing Sól and Máni” by J. C. Dollman, 1909

It is the gloomy season

Mosses, rain, darkness & cold rule

A noir design explode into my heart

Within my veins streaks of black

Replace the red of my blood

Where the whispers of night causes shivers of fright;

Summoning the beasts of my mind.  

A noir design devours the fiery Helios

Trailing it three miles away

Inside its dimensional chariot

While the gloomy season

Crown the winter emperor of the coronal of icicles,

Clothing it of fur coat & skeletons ornaments

Summoning the creatures of seas

Bloody wars of tentacles & shimmering scales —

The end of halcyon days

Only to rest beside the mistress of seas  

The mermaids chant in hysteria

While into wetlands the cold becomes colder

As the city of lights goes to sleep in tears

Saddened by its failure of setting the world ablaze

In its embrace, boiling lagoons & burning down the trees  

Its, trees   Murdoch… Murdoch

Do you think that the dark would have let you?  

Shooting meteors stopped on track

They become ice, exploding three miles away

And shattering on earth as hailstones on roof,  

It is the gloomy season

Mosses, rain, darkness & cold rule.

We’ve been struck by a harsh summer, where the heat of the sun was at its maximum temperature. Thus, while it seems that we are entering the winter season, I thought of wrapping this poem into a surreal style; with a pint of mythology. 


The Sun Sets Into My Eyes

As I live on a tropical island, the sea and the sun inspire my writings 

The sun sets into my eyes               
& lures away the grey colored clouds; 
Beseeching my soul to transmogrify 
Into an ecliptic surrender 

Then the day lights 
Through that soul of mine 
& the lullabies danced 
In transcendental rhymes  

As my imagination 
It soared into colorful skies.