Capricious Weather

“In Mauritius the weather has been acting very strange lately. This Winter doesn’t seem like all of the other winters I’ve known. The wind seems so scary; the clear sky can suddenly turn into dark clouds filled of rain, while at night, when sleeping, at any time temperature can suddenly rise. All of these changesContinue reading “Capricious Weather”

A Beautiful Enchantment

A poem for the 50th anniversary of “Earth day” Earth, I love you, for my eternal seed roots into you Earth, you revolve, while the sea dissolves into you Earth, you evolve, while everything else dies within you Your belly is a jar that nurture everything that’s alive Your belly is a petri-dish where weContinue reading “A Beautiful Enchantment”

Sweet Is Thy Beauty

Tomorrow 12 March is the day where we celebrate the Independence of the republic of Mauritius… but all festivities have been canceled. For 2019 I had written nuance, a poem where I poetically describe the different colors that make up our multicolored flag. But this time I was inspired to write this poem from aContinue reading “Sweet Is Thy Beauty”

A Month Of May In Mauritius (Poem)

A month of May in Mauritius The seasonal mood meander Midst the wintery cold days As the heat mild and the sun migrate. At night leaves sings merrily As gushes of winds murmur In silence; While the muse of our lagoon Mutter quietly to the poet Of lugubrous morbid mysteries And shivering moist sceneries OfContinue reading “A Month Of May In Mauritius (Poem)”

Gloomy Season - A Poem

“We’ve been struck by a harsh summer, where the heat of the sun was at its maximum temperature. Thus, while it seems that we are entering the winter season, I thought of wrapping this poem in a surreal style, with a pint of mythology, which is also a great inspiration for me.” Gloomy Season ItContinue reading “Gloomy Season - A Poem”

The Sun Sets Into My Eyes

As I live on a tropical island, the sea and the sun are inspirations that often pop in my stories, poems, or even in the photos I take. The Sun Sets Into My Eyes The sun sets into my eyes                And it lures away The grey colored clouds; Continue reading “The Sun Sets Into My Eyes”