A Month Of May In Mauritius (Poem)

A Month Of May In Mauritius (Poem)
A month of May in Mauritius

A month of May in Mauritius
The seasonal mood meander 
Midst the wintery cold days 
As the tropical heat mild
And the fiery sun migrates.

At night leaves sing merrily
As gushes of winds murmur
While the muse of our lagoon
Speaks quietly to the poet
Of lugubrous morbid mysteries
And shivering moist sceneries
Of these murky days ahead.

In some places, musty smell
Mingles into damp corners
Whereupon these misty days
Warm and mush clothes frays
Their way into the wardrobe.



Yep, winter is here in Mauritius, thus the inspiration behind this little poem. The month of May is particular to me, for my sons were born during this month. Also, as here we celebrate Mother’s Day at the end of this month, I am busy making e-cards to celebrate this event, which for me is the best creative leisure that keeps me rooted into that creative realm. Thus, I do hope that the month of May turns out to be very productive for you, and that the change of season inspires you till the bottom of your core.

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