This poem is dedicated to all those who have, and still are, selflessly caring for us during that pandemic time. To my mother. To everyone else who love like a mother. To Mother Earth. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.

This home of yours

Mothers know every parts of their child, 
Reared under the hands of affection 
All of our afflictions vanish away
Everything in us soothes gently

Because of you I feel so rich
Because of you I feel so strong
Because of you I dream too much

Mothers care lovingly, expansively
Their breath annihilate monsters
Their heart imprison our aches
And their skins are mantle that protect

Because of you I am me
Because of you the sky looks different
Because of you I live wildly

Mother, your eyes are immense lakes
In which I mirror myself every day,
Behind your eyes love hovers
And I remember love and doves 

Because of you I heal
Because of you life extends
Because of you everything matters

I recall sitting in your lap
Even when I was all grown up
And how I hold my children 
So as to kiss them tenderly 
Is all because of you, mother 

Because of you I know generosity
Because of you I know good humour
Because of you I want to be

And how your eyes proudly glitter
Makes me want to do more
While the remembrance of your smile
Will always take me home.


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