The Edit

I plunge myself one last time into the story –
It’s the final round till refinery
My eyes are meticulously Critical
While my mind is eagerly Maniacal
Inside my heart, an invisible agitation
Groans like a thunder like of fascination
I try to keep my pace and seemingly peace –
But its shattering, and its distorting
That life, expanding it to my being
This phase of edit makes my stomach churn;
For it will soon be over, I confirm

Concentrate. Mediate. Phases of inquiries

To edit I want to evict
Far away Into another story
But to edit Is the key
Now I am an erudite
In need of serenity

Concentrate. Mediate. Phases of inquiries

All things that makes me dysfunctional –
I disregard
All things that plunge me into the subliminal –
I open my arms open wide;
It’s a state of mind to be in without fear
The state of creativity that fends objectivity
I see that light when those that dies see,
And I know that I am on the other side of doubt

Concentrate. Mediate. Phases of inquiries

Qui sera sera Whatever will be Will be
The answer is clear, my dear, qui sera Sera.

Editing is more difficult than the act of writing itself; where concentration and serenity of mind are very important for me right now. I am trying to shut myself up to everything that might distract my focus—for finishing the book is more important than wandering my mind on things that take too much of my energy.

This free verse is simply a plongeon into the subjectivity of the phase I am going through right now. I see myself as the captain of my ship, with the steer in hand, navigating on the pathway… my pathway… but I don’t know into which harbour I’ll be anchoring my ship, hence the allusion to the song Que será, será in the end, because I still don’t know to where I’ll go from here.

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