Quote by Albert Camus handwritten with stylus pen on a photo of the sea taken at Flic-en-flac beach.

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See You In 2022

To overflow gently so as to not drown; to be able to make space for writing, to create content, to get inspiration, to think; to organise myself, my day, my time; to do more of what I love so as to counterbalance with that which drains my energy, my all; to sublimate my life with beautiful endeavours, to become, to write more books, to edit, to be better, to be able to concentrate so as to finish what I’ve started.

That’s why I consider that it’s necessary for me to again ebb away from the digital shorelines, to take a pause, stop for some time, like the mechanism of this system recently did, and come back in 2022.

Coronavirus broke out in December 2019, and since then, everything in our life, and around us, has changed so much — there’s a constant shadow of doom and gloom that remains suspended like sharp knives all over our head. That illness, or whatever else, made a deep impact on the world — in one click, perhaps a spell, everything shifted, the sky moved, the ground shook, some things disappeared to make space for new things… it’s so insane what’s happening… even here in Mauritius, our lovely little island…

More than five millions of death… they’re even talking about ten millions, and here I am, blogging about things that don’t even make sense, dramatising… perhaps I thought that I was one of these desperate housewives who lives at Wisteria lane, whose life is filled with mysterious secret gardens, or even that I had my own reality show like the famous Kardashians🤔😅, when that scourge is making so much victims out there.

It’s like waking up in a dystopian or post-apocalyptic novel… it’s like as if our planet, spaceship Earth shifted to another system; that we are actually living under another sky, in another dimension that’s inhabited by strange, unknown creatures, horrid shadows, and their laws, rules, and kings, queens, their weapons… and that one eye, watching our every move.

Many of us are thinking about the state of our existence, redefining our priorities, reorganising our life, so as to get accustomed to the new normal, and I, too, I have so many urgent questions that need answers.

It’s not the proper time for me to be temperamental, and I need to be sure that what I’m doing right now is not only something to satisfy one of my many whims… this passion for creative writing invigorates and aliven my spirit, but I need to also ponder about what’s the retribution in the physical world.

My soul is happy, my spirit soars higher than I would have ever expected, every day it’s a lovely mental dance, but I haven’t been able to manifest that delight physically, there’s still a blockage; I still need to work a little bit harder on my dream so as for it to finally come true.

Thus, Happy New Year to all of you, take care, see you in 2022.

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