Handwritten wishes and doodle for this new year on a spiral notebook, with tiny wild flowers wrapped around a gold wrapping bow at the foot of the notebook, three biscuits in light-peach muslin paper to its right, a glass of juice to its left, and a red flowery paper bag in diagonal of the header of the notebook.

" data-image-caption="" data-medium-file="https://eiravel.files.wordpress.com/2022/01/newyear2022-wishes.jpg?w=300" data-large-file="https://eiravel.files.wordpress.com/2022/01/newyear2022-wishes.jpg?w=723"/>

Best Wishes

I wish that we can learn from our mistakes 

Happy New Year 2022; I am sending to all of you smiles on large deployed wings of gold, may you receive them wherever you may be; catch it with your loving hands, and sprinkle it with your laughters, and as you blow it away, put in it the ingredients of your good intentions… there, we’ve started a chain letter of wishing well. 

What to say more? What to wish for more?… I know, we all now have learned that our life seems to have no value in the eyes of the reaper; to me, it seems that the human spirit lacks of these fundamentals that can be traded with death for our health and longevity… seems that we’ve failed our test, and to me it’s scary. I don’t want to look pessimistic here… but it was just a slip of thought, some residues of fear, a piece of food stuck in my teeth, which I just took out with a toothpick.

The future remains silent to my questions, its door locked, and it became suddenly so unpredictable, while it jealously guards all prophecies to itself… the mechanism behind the future seems to have stopped working… and it will be up to us to create the new future, to make 2022, to build it, and to continue on our way; to learn from the mistakes of these past years, to rectify what needs to be rectified, and perhaps (I say perhaps, because our species is here to learn) of mistakes we’ll continue doing until we’ve been able to reach a level of understanding; of trials and errors, of still so many mistakes.

I wish that we can give to each other hope

I’m sending you loves, hearts, and a slice of my tiny hope, and perhaps, if you too add a little bit of hope to that patchwork, and another one, and another one, so many others, it will then become large and vast, a gigantic quilt of hope that can cover us all… a network of possibilities and optimism to counter uncertainties and fear and anger, and all these aches… all of these aches.

A wish to have the courage to accept what can’t be changed 

A wish for you to have the necessary courage to accept what can’t be changed… my motto for 2022… accept what can’t be changed, to stop fighting that much for what I want, to let go… acceptance, and perhaps, on a day when I’ll be so busy with my self-affirmations of ‘I accept what I can’t change’, then perhaps the Moiras will re-spin my thread of fate, and I’ll be so self-hypnotised that I’ll become docile, and sleep, and return to my sheep state, freed from the torture of self-revelations… I, disgorging that red pill.

A wish for more creativity and inspiration 

Creativity is synonymous to positivity, and inspiration its horsepower. In these enduring times where optimism is needed more than ever, genuine aesthetic visuals and writings and messages that come from the heart have never been that much needed. The gentleness, the joy, the aesthetics, the peace and ambiance and mood of a place, a feeling, a heart, a moment, can be caught and wrap in an art-form or a piece of writing, and sprinkled with dusts of good intentions, a creation can be shared online to reach hearts and mind, even synchronise with other positive vibes — where touched by these inspirational beams of creativity, a part of us can heal. 

A wish that we find the means to make our dreams come true 

Everyone has dreams that fill our heart, but to be able to make that dream come true we need to work hard; but it’s so arduous and challenging to weave the tiniest of dreams, that most of us abandon. And I want to abandon that insane dream, the harshness of things, that which seems unrealisable… but there’s always some kind of invisible guide that points my mistakes, faults, and missteps, and somehow, that dying flame reignites, because nothing keeps the fire of my determination burning than that of my crazy interpretations of signs😌.

So, best wishes to all of you, and many happy returns for this new year.


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