“On 2 November we will celebrate the DAY OF THE DEAD💀, thus this little poem.”

Epitaph Of The Ghost

I sit above and look down below
It’s all dust and tiny things
Everything’s so blurry
And here I am, cold and scared

I am looking for my body
Have you seen my body?

I’ve forgotten to return home
And the thread that linked us 
Has suddenly been broken

I sit above and look down below
I hear voices that rear passion,
And suddenly they make me remember
The body I’ve lost along the way

Perhaps it is waiting for me, my body,
I think of it wrapped in white linen
Incensed, and filled with beautiful flowers 
Resting fiercely on a concrete altar
Body in a warm and shiny room

I sit above and look down below 
Suddenly I don’t feel cold anymore 
There’s a warm something embracing me
While my fears, they all disappear

Is it time for me to go elsewhere
As to rest my tired heart and soul?

Am I ready to fly away, to become a star
And fall again on this part of Earth?

To be sowed and reaped and moulded again
And recommence there, where I ended.