The Colours Of Our Dream

The Colours Of Our Dream
Dreamed Colours

Red, blue, yellow, green
Colours of our dream
A dream about unity
While hand in hand we go
As to make that dream a reality

My skin tone, your skin tone
Multi-ethnicity, multi-plurality
As we watch the sky at dawn, 
And it seems that our skin
Is of same nuance under our sky
That Mauritian sky where we all fly 

The grandeur of our exotic spirit 
Our fervency and hearty wit 
That smile that welcomes 
Our arms that joyfully open
Our eternal love for our motherland 

Our fall, our rise, our defeat
Our song, our dance, all these deeds
But always together, in group we go 
Towards the sunrise and the ocean flow 
And coconut, mangoes, letchis as feasts 

Sega dance and songs, bhojpuri dance and songs 
Langaze madam serré, Tialbert
Lacaze tôle, race mélanzé
Proud, proud nation we are 
Happy, a happy nation we remain
Mixed roots that grow wildly 
On a little island called Mauritius.


. . .

That’s the second year that our children won’t chant and glorify in unison our national anthem for the independence day of Mauritius. Things have worsened here, the coronavirus has suddenly spread, and everyday there are more people that are being tested positive. We’ve got the vaccines, but not many people did it in time. So, even though we’re in the middle of a tumult, I hope that we don’t forget that we are facing this pandemic together – as one people, as one nation, and I pray that we all make it safe.

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