Twenty Twenty-One🎊

Twenty twenty-one 
It’s a bright new year
Exactly, twenty twenty-one,
It came out from twenty-twenty
A year that we shall forever remember
A year of transition, of shift
The point in time where that door opened
For the future to creep in deep
Without us even realising the deed
Too busy with the pandemic and other threats
Apocalyptic hues burning the sky
Might be the universe upgrading
Who will ever know about the scheme
Perhaps a spell, perhaps a curse
A strange type of madness that took over
Hence, to all those who silently departed
On that spaceship that had been waiting
Silently, on standby, in the dark sky,
To all those who fell on the ground
Hurting themselves so badly, achingly
My heart follows them, they carry me.
It’s a bright new year
Exactly, twenty twenty-one,
Perhaps we leaped in time
To erase from our fragile memory
The traumatism of twenty-twenty —
All of the scars it left on us
When Pandora opened her jar
It’s a bright new year
Exactly, twenty twenty-one
And I hope, we all make it safely.

Firecrackers in the night sky

This time, compared to my former new year’s poems — A Renewed Year and A Cycle Ends, I tried to dig within the speculation realm as to come up with this poem, for it seems that all of the bad energies, from every plane and every dimension, crossed/converged/synergised at that point in time, which was 2020. How strange, beautiful, but also frightening to find these lone stars/planets/light or whatever else travel such long distances as to meet, to intersect, to harmonise, to unite, as on their way they shackle and trouble us — little mere mortals (I love me some astrology🔮).

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