Darcocyte - it streams within genes

A metaphysical science-fiction novel of 71,000 words

“I’ve walked many miles as to find myself and finally be, crossed trillions of stars and experienced more than one existence as to finally learn, shed more than one tears and broke my heart more than once as to finally understand . . . that infinity and everything that is, simply stream through a pool of genes . . .”

This is the story of Eon Spencer — a normal Eaarthling who overnight learns from her dying grandmother that she descends from extraterrestrials that exiled on Eaarth to save their race from extinction. Her normal way of living is shattered and changed forever, as violent deaths, heartbreaking revelations, and treason of the worst kind, blend within chapters of a melting love story, an unmatched friendship, strange and new encounters, odd discoveries, and rocambolesque surreal adventures.

During a strange period of my life, I wrote the book that I have always dreamed of; and after four years - time taken to write Darcocyte - I decided to self-publish it. Eiravel

Right now, Darcocyte is only available in digital format on Amazon Kindle, where you can click here to buy.

More about Darcocyte

Why I wrote it

It was an impulse — by dint of practising everyday, I guess that my subconscious knew that it was the right time to write the book that I’ve always dreamed of.

More about the story

The story takes place in an alternate universe named Eaarth, and it is written in a first person point of view (POV). The story is a chain reaction of circumstances, that lead a girl, named Eon spencer, who, till then, lives a normal life — till the attainment of self-completion.

Her rocambolesque adventures start the moment that her dying grand’ma reveals to her that she descends from the Chrysosians — an extinct out of Eaarth civilisation. From there on, the peaceful and quiet life she had been living till then is shattered forever. Eon discovers a world apart from her own, where evil aliens and deeds of the worst kind breaks her up, and where she is forced to resolve the inner conflicts that torture her whole being.

As the story unfolds, stories about the other characters that make up Darcocyte are revealed, as well as many other twists and turn.

Meaning of the title

While researching online about a specific illness that one of the character of Darcocyte suffers from, I fell on the term ‘Dracocyte’ — and I instantly fell in love with this three syllable word; where I was also completely fascinated about its meaning. And from there onward, the rest of the story was entirely built from this one word.

Will there be a sequel?

Even before finishing the book, I said to myself that I would never write another one again, because I struggled to write the story exactly as I envisioned it in my mind. But as soon as I had finished it, I wanted to write a sequel, or even write in details the stories of the other characters that make the book — I was addicted to writing fiction. But I retained myself, for if Darcocyte is not discovered and read, it’s not worth my time to start a new chapter.

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