Peace, Please

A Poem I Wrote For World Peace Day

Peace, Please
So that our scars might close
Like the bud of a rose
And that our bruises might have time
to compose
A heartbreaking story filled of sad prose

Peace, Please
So that our wonderful children might freely
Roam their lands with assurance and safety
Under the benevolent eyes of what’s earthly
Extending their lives as to die naturally

Peace, Please
So that we might all live in harmony
As to forget past lives fueled with fatality
Seeing together that bright future build
on fraternity
As for us to find our own joyful remedy

Peace, Please
So that blood cease to stain the soil we walk on
So that earth cease to cry upon
Heartaches that become a pond
Filled of sorrows and happiness that’s gone

Peace, Please
So that our hearts might heal
And that we might see existence
As it ought to be seen
Where through our own healing
Peace might finally be achieved.

I’ve had some trouble finding the inspiration as to write this poem. I always have trouble writing about serious issues and theme; where I am always afraid to write something that might be misinterpreted by some. Since last week I’ve been trying hard to find the right words to write—since we’ve got Pope Francis paying a visit to Mauritius—but my guess was that I was so afraid that I might not be able to aesthetically express my thoughts, that all the words in my head blocked. Then, yesterday after I’ve fed my mind with some wonderful and aesthetic artworks, I was right away inspired to write peace, please.