Behind A Fog

Black and white clouds
Foggy sky

It had the face of a luminar

Thus attracted me to what’s far –

A gigantic fire, fiercely burning

It’s body, an incensed torpedo

Those flames, a sweet spot for melting

The shape of its eyes, a glittering facet

It’s enthralled chant, a musical crescendo

And like a moth, I died inside its flames.

It’s so unlucky, you see

As to live an illusion,

Running away as to be free –

A slave to these things unreal

Chained to those beings all fake

Wanting liberation from the confusion;

Trying to catch the state of what’s real

Dying to know, for one’s own sake.

How I wished your dews were pure water;

Not infected by a poisonous enzyme

Fogging my ideas for me to deter

Things and places that will never be mine,

I was taken aback by fear, certainly

Undigested feelings burning me

But I am too, an undefined structure

Ready to break out, like thunder.

© Eiravel

By Eiravel

I live somewhere in the South West of the Island of Mauritius. I am a mother, a spouse, a great life enthusiast. I love writing fiction, poems, and blog; I love listening to music, watch movies, read good books; also, love the sublime and the strange; and I am also interested in all types and forms of art that pleases my mind. I've even self-published a science-fiction book (Darcocyte), and I aspire to make a living through my writings.