Behind A Fog

Behind A Fog
Behind A Fog

It had the face of a luminar
Thus attracted me to what's far 
A gigantic fire, fiercely burning
Its body, an incensed torpedo
Those flames, a sweet spot for melting
The shape of its eyes, a glittering facet
It's enthralled chant, a musical crescendo
And like a moth, I died inside its flames 

It's so unlucky, you see
As to live an illusion
Running away as to be free
A slave to these things unreal
Chained to those beings all fake
Wanting liberation from the confusion
Trying to catch the state of what's real
Dying to know, for one's own sake

How I wished your dews were pure water
Not infected by a poisonous enzyme
Fogging my ideas for me to deter
Things and places that will never be mine,
I was taken aback by fear, certainly
Undigested feelings burning me
But I am too, an undefined structure
Ready to break out, like thunder. 
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