Self-Destruction (A Poem About Earth)

Earth, why won’t you talk
To us - all who dreamily walk
Within your damp vessel
Across your fumigene temple

You’ll say words that your winds
Blow, through soft tempest of skins
Those, you soulfully whisper
To all those, nature worshippers

Why you, most lovable planet -
Only one that carries all kinds of life
Remains humble and tolerant towards
These same that commit all these plight

You are going elseway as you change
And you keep yourself all sane all soft,
While above your skin, we dirty we saccage
And on your own, quietly you moult

Your soldiers shake, move, stir, wreck -
Elements at war
Your children saccage, pollute, break -
Unaware of what you are

And you calmly remain into serenity
Fluidly taking shapes into roots into flowers
Into rivers into lagoons into mountains
Into trees into grasses into rocks into soil

Anthropomorphic dreams of renewal
Constant seasonal cell regeneration
So you keep quiet you keep calm you keep to you
The secrecy of your decay till rebirth

Would you talk to our souls, if only you could…
Would you tell us to stop our own destruction
Would you… Mother earth?

On the 5th of June we celebrated ‘World Environmental Day’, while yesterday the 8th we celebrated ‘World Oceans Day’. Nature has a very special place in my heart, where in this poem, I anthropomorphise its essence and glorify its constant renewal… while we humans, destroy ourselves through the destruction of the ecosystem needed for our own survival.

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