Dissection Of A Poem

Dissection Of A Poem
Poetry is an intimacy                                                                         
From which I can't quite ever recover
All of these subliminal dissections 
Of my mind that look so fancy
Yet that portrays thoughts under cover
You see the night and the bright   
The bride and its passionate mate
All of the happiness and all of the fright
Something dark, something like fate
All my rearing, all I am, all naked
I dream of mares 
That run wildly in my nightmares
They are headless and poney-like
They are all colours and rainbow-like
All living, in these poetries, dissected
How would I describe all that flows? 
They just flow, wildly, as I exorcise
Or perhaps its Mnemosyne that sows
Her seeds which blooms into nine muses
To let all the beauty of words rise 
If the poetry of me is a lie 
From which I can't quite ever recover
For through all of these dissections
Something truthful comes to me
While all my thoughts gently flow and fly.  

To write fiction I’ll go deep into the realm of my imagination so as to invent a story; whereas for a poem, well… it’s more of an instantaneous thing, almost didactic, and it’s only when I read it again that I notice elements of my own experience, and as well as personal thoughts that are embedded into the poem. I personally think that my poetry is simply an unconscious cacophonous blend of personal experiences, thoughts, wants, and needs, a dissection of the intimacy of my mind.

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