A poem for the 2019 Indian Ocean Island Games

Mauritius is actually the heart of a frenzy sports celebration that gather mostly southern Indian ocean’s territories like, Madagascar, Comoros, Reunion, Seychelles, Mayotte, and Maldives islands, where the fervency for these games bring along the warmth needed in our heart to counter these very cold days. I’ve tried composing this little poem in an iambic feet style.

Adrenaline Rush

You take, you blow, you take flight
You run, you walk, you sail bright
You show, you stretch, you fight back
You swim, you dodge, you soar high
The fright, the doubts, you kick out
On site, you’re strong, you shout loud
The sweats, the pain, it’s not in vain
The strength, success, it’s all gain.

Efforts, from dawn, it’s all gold
Suffice, you push, and get bold
Your will, your thoughts, they strengthen
To overcome, to overrule, hand in hand
The resistance, the doubts, of then
The defiance, to laws, of whats, physical
The embodiment, in trance, adrenaline rush
The fun, under the sun, to dare, to defy, to win.