Two little poems juxtaposed — one for drug abuse, and the other one for victims of torture

As today is the United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking, as well as United Nations International Day In Support Of Victims Of Torture, I decided to write these two little poems. I always fear to write about these serious issues, fearing of being misunderstood, or even attract the anger of some.

#Health4JusticeJustice4health (This year's theme for International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking)

The Tempter

A parasite
Devastating, tearing, possessing
That body that mind that life

The illusion of
Feeling, ascending, escaping
Something somewhere everywhere

Stop you from
Sensing, appreciating, envisioning
That existence of yours

Are invisible chains
Imprisoning, hurting, digressing
The one you are and ought to be

And what if you, beautiful human being, 
you were tempted to take that scourge of destruction, 
so as to never realize.

Just think... did you always had the answer
To the magnificence of your core

Where the tempter has always been around
For your downfall...

From Horror To Healing (This year's theme International Day In Support Of Victims Of Torture)

The part that stays, it recovers

Torture of the mind
Invisible dagger that stings
Lost amongst all these laughters
A part of the inside that dies miserably

But that part that stays
it recovers
That part that has always been
Before the experience of horror
It helps at will to heal

I really don't know more what to say
Than that, of being gentle with yourself.