The Sun Sets Into My Eyes

As I live on a tropical island, the sea and the sun are inspirations that often pop in my stories, poems, or even in the photos I take. The Sun Sets Into My Eyes The sun sets into my eyes                And it lures away The grey colored clouds; Continue reading “The Sun Sets Into My Eyes”

A World Of Alienation

I can’t lie, I am a daydreamer — someone who loves the realm of the imagination, which is a place that’s unfortunately often seen as being the getaway of people deemed as being alienated. But artists know, writers know. A World Of Alienation I live all alone In a world that’s filled With mysteries, ofContinue reading “A World Of Alienation”

Spilled ink

Poetry is such a fascinating art to me; I love to read the veiled mysteries that are hidden in our subconscious. I also wrote poems in my teen days, well, if we could call that poems😅. Poetry, visual art, music, ambient movies, and catchy written books have always satisfied my thirstiness of subtle evasion; thus,Continue reading “Spilled ink”

What Pushed Me To Write My First Book

“A mixture of serendipity, necessity, and to concretise a dream” Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. T.S Eliot (Poet and Playwright) According to the online dictionary Merriam Webster ‘serendipity’ means ‘the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought after’. AndContinue reading “What Pushed Me To Write My First Book”

Why I Created This Blog

“To be able to make a living�? At first I really didn’t know what I was really doing while creating my first blog lovelyricism, but I knew with certitude what I really wanted to achieve through blogging, and it was to be able to make a living, whether on my own as an entrepreneur, orContinue reading “Why I Created This Blog”

A Dumb Mistake

Erasing my account was really a silly mistake I wish I could tell all of you what’s wrong with me, I wish I could make you understand all the things that goes through my mind sometimes, and that on some days I am like one of these machines or devices that burst a cable orContinue reading “A Dumb Mistake”

A Self Taught Adventure

A stay@home mum who learns online For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. Aristotle When I stopped working — due to a pregnancy nervous breakdown — I knew that I needed to redesign my whole life, and set sail in another career direction. Though I hadContinue reading “A Self Taught Adventure”

A Month Writing In French

“During this whole month I was busy writing a short story to submit for a competition“ Two weeks before the end of July, I opened the newspaper, and I found a call to submit for a writing competition in French… so, I said to myself, why not, because nothing is better than a writing challengeContinue reading “A Month Writing In French”

An urge to blog

An urge waved in Like waves crashing And surged me to be, I was then free To create what I need That on which my soul feed. Today I felt as if something was missing in my life, as if my main writing activities wasn’t complete without blogging. Suddenly blogging appeared to me as theContinue reading “An urge to blog”