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Why I Created This Blog

“To be able to make a living”

At first I really didn’t know what I was really doing while creating my first blog lovelyricism, but I knew with certitude what I really wanted to achieve through blogging, and it was, to be able to make a living, whether as a solopreneur, or even to get the necessary skills that would have helped me get a job in the ICT sector. I began without any knowledge of the craft of creative writing, SEO, setting up a blog, technical terms and the devices I use, social medias, without knowing the procedures and processes that define an online business, I was completely lost and a little bit confused about what I was really doing back then, and I had to learn everything from scratch. I didn’t even start where I should have started, but I am still learning, and I don’t think that I will stop blogging anytime soon.

“It’s a source of enjoyment”

The more I blog the more inspiration takes over, and more ideas emerge in my mind, and the more blogging becomes a source of enjoyment for me. I don’t care about what they say on the fact that blogging is dead, or even that it’s an outdated method of making money online, or that it is an abusive sector… I just don’t care, I just focus on what I need to achieve, and I do my thing with complete integrity, knowingly that inconveniences will certainly dissolve in one way or another, because writing is what I want to do.

“To self-promote”

I realised that an e-portfolio with all of my work that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere was necessary if I wanted to seriously get into the creative online business. I open the horizon of my mind to enable readers, potential employers and publicists, or even future buyers to get a sneak-peek and foretaste of my writing, blogging, and creative skills and style; like that they can make up their mind if I look tasty or not😂, if I am a good bet, or even if whether my blog articles are worth consuming.

In a fickle world made up of ever-changing trends and tastes, and amidst a plethora of content published online everyday, I hope that my personal creative style will be noticeable. To showcase skills, be found online, and visually exhibit my future products through virtual storefronts isn’t that easy… I’m lost in a strangling jungle, but I guess that’s the challenge I need to overcome, all the while keep the faith that the rest shall follow.

“To inspire and motivate”

To inspire autodidacts or self-learners who don’t know what online tools to use, or where to start with blogging and creative writing; to motivate those who aspire to enter the writing arena with the story of my own journey, hoping that all the things I went through, my pain and tears, all of my many mistakes, alienation, and challenges I faced, will motivate you to never give up what you want to achieve in your life.

After the rain comes the sunshine… is it not what the optimist always says! And though I learned the hard way to prevent myself from doing the same dumb mistakes over and over again, I am happy that I have been able to come that far. I hope with all of my heart that my writings inspire, or even give the needed answer to a question asked by someone who lives somewhere, perhaps in another time, or even in another dimension (who knows, anything is possible through the internet).

“To boost my self-determination and confidence”

Nothing is more gratifying to me than to hit that publish button after that I’ve enthusiastically written something. I am so thrilled at the idea that people will read what I write that it boosts up my determination to immediately go write another blogpost, or even to write more books so that I might have subjects to brag about on this blog.

Have to say that I am addicted to blogging because of the thrill that arises in me each time I think about being read. I also think that finishing my books became a commitment after that I’ve blogged about actually writing my first book.

“To get clear insights”

Because I mainly blog with an audience in mind, I’m always thinking very hard about what to write, while being attentive when I’m writing, thus I always get clear insights about my writing process, steps that I’ve missed, or any other mistakes that I didn’t notice.

It’s the very act of focusing while I write that chases away those clouds of doubts, and as well solve my problems concerning creative writing, or any other issues that I might have.

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