Why I Created This Blog

A deeper understanding of the act

I wish I knew what I was doing, right from the beginning I started this online adventure – but it was not the case. I wish I knew right from the start which websites were best for me to start creating a genuine network, but it was not the case. I wish I learnt more about my computer device and the internet, but still, it was also not the case, and again, I wish that I was already a skillful writer, but it was not the case. I wish to have properly understood right away any technical or web terminologies relevant to my online activities, but I had to constantly go through the lot, over and over again.

However, though wishful magical sprinkles were completely unavailable, solid rock determination was there all the way. I am not saying that I have pierced through the guarded secrets of the World Wide Web (perhaps the web is like all of those secret societies🤣), but instead, I learnt through hard ways – as if there were Gremlins (new-wave of mischievous spirits that are interested in radio-air waves, and who can infiltrate all types of technologies, causing problems with electrical transmission of all sorts) that lived inside of my Internet devices . . . who knows, my fictional flair tends to carry me on oceans disguised as space.

*Note that this paragraph is something quite fictional – or not!

So let’s get back to the point; concerning why I decided to create this blog, which is all about genuinely bragging about my self-taught online experiences — things, which were often, and still are, quite challenging, tiring, and as well alienating. But after the rain comes the sunshine… is it not what the optimist always says! And though I learnt the hard way to prevent myself from doing the same dumb mistakes over and over again, I am happy that I have been able to come that far.

Though not at all an accomplished technophile, I am proud to have somehow been able to gain clearer insights on what needs to be achieved online, so as for me to publicise freely my own books, products, and writing skills. Isn’t it what any wanna-be-entrepreneur needs for a start; an all set-up space intended to showcase skills and visually exhibit products through virtual storefronts? Therefore, I post my writings online, for people to get broader insights about my creative and writing aesthetic. I open the horizon of my mind, as to enable people to get a sneak-peek of my writing and creative skills. Like that, it is a good start for me to publicise freely my poems and stories, which is a completely normal process of personal branding for future sales.

When you are an autodidact that is doing it all in solo, clear insights about what you are achieving on a daily basis is the key solution to not get overwhelmed by the process, while also being important for boosting up self-confidence. In an ever-changing trends and tastes amongst the world-wide population, and as well as the many content published online, I hope to get notice for my personal creative style.

To conclude; I blog much more for the fun part of it, knowingly that my writings might perhaps inspire, or even give answers to someone, somewhere, at another time, and in another year, or perhaps in another dimension (who knows, anything is possible). And as always, I know that the rest shall follow.

And as for you, dear reader, why did you created your blog?

Published by Eiravel

Hello everyone, and welcome to my personal blog. This is a self-taught adventure in creative writing, craft that I am passionate about; learning writing and all the stuff that concerns this industry while surfing on the waves of the internet, and I aspire to make a living through selling my own books and blogging, because why not. I live on the island of Mauritius with my husband, my two children, and my muse. I am an eclectic person, love the sublime and the strange; I am also interested in all types and forms of art that please my mind.

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