“The universe will always inspire me — It will always nourish my creativity, and ignite my curiosity.”

The Vastest Of All Oceans

This world ends in various seasons
Our heart seldom break without reasons
And the cloud is so soft, that it rains tears 
Right into a bucket above my head 
Where it's filled with sand and sea 
While my attitude is a longitude of the sky 

Yet my heart is a heavy metal 
Meant, to be carried every day 
I wish it was as soft as clouds and sands 
But all these emotions it carries, shadow its functions
And my bones crack with each move 

Can there be somewhere in me left unattended 
With particles that freely flow and glow
And where everywhere I turn to are places I know 

I want to forget what I've seen on that night
And of all the places I've been to
Locked, within an amorous embrace 
Where we rested, hidden from all sight 
While above my head sand and sea 
With all these creatures that swim freely

And that's when, I finally closed my eyes 
That I became the water above my head 
For I had remembered why my heart was broken    
Why my heart was soaked wet and heavy 
And thus, I became the vastest of all oceans
Hosting the creatures of my own mind.            


Last stanza of poem displayed on phone, handwritten quote by Rumi on notebook, galaxy made with eyeshadow in cup of coffee.
“Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion” – Rumi. Made this galaxy with eyeshadows that I don’t use anymore😅